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Sunday, Dec. 05, 2004
Clock Strikes Fourteen

I finally took the computer back to Wendy - the feed and tack lady. And the darned thing set up a clatter all over again.

We got her a new monitor because the old one was dying. We upped her RAM. It was sounding quieter, working smoothly. Then about two hours after I left she phoned and held the phone up so I could hear a clatter. I was flabbergasted but then realized it had to be either the power supply or the processor fan. If it's the power supply, I have a spare, so that's an easy fix. If it's the processor fan, I think I have one of those, too. Either way, fairly easy to resolve.

Youngest Daughter caught a ride to Phoenix today. I didn't mind seeing her go. I took the second part of the grant-writing class this morning, got my certificate of completion (non-credit class, no grades.) I am really not worried about my ability to handle the writing end of things. I just wonder how I'll find the time to actually do any of it. It's not just a case of sitting down for half an hour with a computer and a form to fill out. Writing a grant is 80% research to find a grant provider, 19% collecting the data you need to write the thing, and 1% actually committing it all to paper and submitting it.

It was a productive class, though. I think it was about as comprehensive as it's possible to be when you consider the source material.

I got laundry done after I finished the class, then went to Wendy's to finish up the last details (I thought!) with her computer, including a run-through of a couple of new programs I installed for her.

FINALLY I got online tonight, and almost immediately got dragged into an instant-messenger fight - a real verbal pissing contest between a couple of ostensibly grown women. I dodged a few barbs, tried the voice of reason (which got exactly nowhere) and decided it was time to blow that virtual-reality pop stand. What IS it with people that come unglued over the most idiotic things? I mean, we're talking about a fan board for a singer, and the most infantile, craptacular arguments since junior high school. I wanted to pick one person up by the scruff of the neck and shake some sense into her. At forty-something, she's old enough not to be acting like a fourteen-year-old in heat, for heaven's sake!

Whoever threw that Chinese curse at me, kindly cut it out. I can do without interesting times for a while, thanks.

And the big news of the day is... (drum roll, please!)

I might finally have a car. There was a county surplus auction today that included several vehicles. They were taking sealed bids only on the vehicle, but the weather was so nasty and cold that virtually nobody showed up. The county folks called the studios and my boss called me. There were a few wrecked vehicles for which the minimum bid was $50 but there were a few cars asking a minimum bid of $250. I bid on three, bid $10 over the minimum for each of them. I could conceivably win all three bids but would then have the option of choosing which I want. If I had the money I'd keep all of them, fix up two and sell them to pay to fix up the third. But oh well.

These were seized vehicles, and to be perfectly honest, two of the three didn't look bad at all, and all three are pretty sound mechanically (I talked to the guy who tested them.) The third one has a messed up paint job - it looks like someone was actually sanding it down for a repaint, in fact. If I should happen to get that one, I'll talk to one of the shops here in town to see what they'd charge me to paint it. I can't afford $1000 for a paint job, obviously, but if I can get a car that cheap and it runs reasonably well, I might spring for paint after the beginning of the year.

I didn't accomplish much else today. (Gee, a class, laundry, finishing up a computer repair, bid on a car... Nope, didn't do anything all day. Must be getting lazy in my old age.)

Ack... Considering it's again past 2am, I think I am going to call it a (VERY late) night. I decided to do something crazy and posted my information on a singles board, left messages for a couple of guys in the state. Let's see how many hours before I chicken out and remove it, hehehe.

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