Radiogurl a la Carte

Friday, Dec. 10, 2004
Bear In Mind

I haven't abandoned anyone, honest. Cross my heart. Of course at the moment my eyes are crossed, too. It's past midnight and I worked last night until about 3am. It was worth it, though - after 18 years I finally have a desk. A real desk, instead of a piece of unfinished plywood laid over the top of a filing cabinet, its other end propped up by yet another piece of plywood. Okay, so I had to put the thing together myself, and did that while also handling our studio maintenance. The blisters on my hands popped a couple of times while I was working on it.

Life is still more or less good.

To answer the questions from my last entry, yes that monster-car runs. It's not my car, though, it's my boss's nightmare. And for here in town, it does beat no vehicle at all. I wouldn't dream of taking it out of town. I doubt it would make it twenty miles.

It's been a frantic week, which isn't all that uncommon. I just haven't had much time to get online, which IS uncommon. Typically I will at least get a few minutes here and there, or more. Yeesh - I haven't read anyone's diaries in for-evah! Doesn't mean I don't love ya, just means I'm swamped and more so.

Got a phone call from the college president this afternoon and had to have 00 take a message simply because I was going on the air. Said president was upset because while she was at the opposite end of the county and well out of our listening range, she'd gotten phone calls right after my report and was concerned about the impact it could carry. Mind you, I didn't report anything that didn't happen and didn't report NEARLY all of the verbal exchanges that took place in the board meeting today, but I'd be remiss in my job if I didn't at least address what occurred. It was a whole lot of frayed nerves and worries over the potential for lawsuits and God knows what all else, and before it was all over there was some low-blow sniping and worse.

Frankly I thought the college prez handled herself like the pro she is; she chose not to respond to nasty personal remarks, though I saw the smoke rising from her ears for a while, and one of the upper-level county managers who was there... I think the best description would be apoplectic. I think I saw him develop a tic before it was all said and done. Heck, I was nearly apoplectic before it was all over. Normally these folks are one of the calmer political bodies. Yeeah.

Anyway, I thought I reported in about as even-handed a manner as I could, but I still got a phone call. My response was, paraphrased, "Look, you know me. You know I go out of my way to be fair, but my job is to report what happened, and you know good and well it happened.

I ended up emailing her a copy of the story as it went on the air, typos and all. Good thing she's not grading me on my grammar and spelling, because I was typing in my sleep.

Speaking of typing in my sleep, I'm there now. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on all of the diaries here. I feel bad not reading but this week's been a bear.

Before - After

In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )