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Tuesday, Jan. 04, 2005
Rain Dance

For all the people in California who sent us their rain... Gee... thanks...

I'm still home today, though I'm doing a little better overall. Still no voice, but I think my fever may finally be gone for good. I'm crossing my fingers, anyway. Once that happens I can at least go in to work and do the background stuff, even if I can't go on the air.

And for those of you who think I'm crazy, you're right. But in this case it's also simple pragmatics. The last storm caused flooding a couple of hundred miles to the west of us. This time it's closer to home. We've got at least two people missing and potentially dead after they tried to cross a flooded creek, using a backhoe to try and push their way through. A third person who was with them was rescued, thank goodness. We get this every so often, some dunderhead decides that the water's not really so deep and they can drive through it fine. In reality, appearances are deceiving. Water can look like it's 18" deep when it's really several feet deep. Our rivers are typically broad, flat, dry streambeds, which makes things doubly deceptive.

Adding to the problem, there are no bridges in the area where these folks went missing. The only way for them to get home was to drive across. The community has been fighting for eons to get an all-weather bridge, but officials in Washington and at the state level have dragged their feet for years, with some officials sniping that these folks should never have built somewhere that is flood prone.

I guess that means that no community along any river should exist. Not New Orleans, not St. Louis, not New York City, nor any other major community, since virtually all of them are built on the banks of rivers. For that matter, Phoenix and its suburbs are all situated along the Salt River. Let's force folks there to move out, too.

At any rate, with all that's going on, I need to cover it for our news. It's not about Boss, it's about MY reputation as a newsperson.

Incidentally, for those who expressed concern, I personally am not in any imminent danger of flooding. I live well above the floodplain on a hillside, and my work isn't in a flood-prone area. There absolutely are parts of town here which are at risk of flooding. The downtown areas of both local communities have seen flooding before, though it's extremely rare.

It's been long enough since I lived in the midwest that I don't know if this applies there, but around here we refer to "hundred-year floods" and "five-hundred-year floods," referring to the historical likelihood of an area's inundation. This immediate area experienced some significant water in the mid 1990's, but I don't think the creeks overflowed their banks. In that time frame there were floods in surrounding communities, including one bad enough that the federal government bought out tracts of homes under its national flood program.

Where I live, though, the last major flood that I know of specifically was in the 1950's or thereabouts, and before that, right around the turn of the 20th century. Now that I think of it, that would make us due for another about... now. (Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm...")

Change of subject... 00 did some research and believes now that she can get her son back. I knew she should by rights have been able to do that but she found an Arizona law specifying that in the case of a child born out of wedlock, the mother has automatic custody unless and until there's a court order to the contrary - which hasn't happened here.

That means her ex can be charged with custodial interference, which is a felony. 00 is going to talk to the county attorney about filing charges.

I hate to see it come to that because this jerk has already shown himself violent - but if she goes after him for this, she might as well go the whole nine yards and file domestic violence charges, too. We've got a witness for at least one incident.

I have no doubt it'll get nasty - but it's already nasty, and at least this way she will be able to reclaim her son, once and for all.

I'm going to sign off for now and go catch the noon television news. I may be back later to update here.

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