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Monday, Jan. 10, 2005
Yo Ho Ho And A Barrel Of Monkeys

Darn - now I'm REALLY worried about Michael here on Diaryland. I guess L.A. won't have to worry about The Big One any more. Long before an earthquake makes southern California slide off into the ocean, the rain's going to wash it away, at this rate!

I know all about the boulders he is talking about, too. A few years back a local resident was killed when driving home in the rain and (shades of Wizard of Oz here) a boulder the size of a house fell on her car and killed her. Every time it rains there are rock slides along certain areas of the highways where the road's winding through steep cliffs and bluffs. There's one really bad stretch between here and Phoenix, and DPS (the Department of Public Safety, Arizona's version of the Highway Patrol) said there will continue to be slides until the soil dries out completely.

Which, from the sounds of things in California, is liable to be a while. Because when they get it, we get it, only a couple of days later.

I got word late tonight that they're warning folks downtown in Globe (the larger of the two municipalities here) to be prepared for a last-minute evacuation. Pinal Creek is already running at a respectable clip, but the last storm dumped TONS of snow in the mountains near here. If we get another heavy rain storm - and this one's supposed to be a much warmer storm - it will mean we get the one-two punch of the rains and melting snow.

Gee... I think I said something a couple of nights ago about us being due for a flood. Somebody remind me to shut up, already.

Again, for anyone who is worried, I'm not in the path of a flood, personally. I live up on a hill, and I think I'm on bedrock so not a lot of danger of a landslide. Though at this point, crazy as the world's been lately, I'm hedging no bets!

There's no city council meeting tonight (I started to say tomorrow night, realized looking at the hour that it's already Monday.) That's good, given that both municipal buildings sit immediately adjacent to the creek bed. Though from what I saw, the storm's still a couple of days off.

Now it IS possible that the local Wal Mart could get flooded. They're at the bottom of the hill from us and the construction site next door to them is really saturated - looks like a manmade pond, to be honest. So a big rain comes along and they're going to be in a very wet way. Though it's unlikely they'll get a dangerous drenching, because the creek angles away before it heads that far downhill.

The worse news could be for the folks nearest Roosevelt Lake. It's scary - at the northwest end of the lake the town's already cut off with no way in or out except by helicopter. More rain will bring the water out of its banks and those folks will have no means of escape at ALL. On this end of the lake, on the southest shores, flooding hit homes in September 2003, putting some places under 5' of water then. The residents are scared to death they'll be washed away, and it's a legitimate fear. This time around, if it happens. there's a good chance someone will be killed.

So we're bracing for the worst, hoping for the best, and as Poolagirl said, we're battening down the hatches. And the dogs and cats, and whatever else is running around loose. (Though she's welcome to keep the rats.)

I have a feeling this is going to be another interesting week in radioland.

And just to make things even more interesting, I emailed my resumé to Indianapolis. Would be just my luck they'd want me to fly out there for an interview oh, I dunno - about Tuesday. There's no WAY I could get there. In all honesty if they require a face-to-face interview I won't get the job anyway, because I can't just pick up and go unless I am going to stay - and then it will take me a while to make arrangements.

Yikes... it's 2:20am and I've got to get to bed. I'm feeling enough better that I think I'll be back on the air live tomorrow afternoon, but that means I've got to get a few hours' shut-eye tonight. Toodles! And invest in umbrellas, the market's going up soon!

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