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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005
When It Rains It Pours More

Well it was a test of wills and a test of won'ts.

00 quit today and this time she won't be coming back. I can honestly see a degree of both sides, but while I'm certainly concerned for my daughter, I can't help being a little relieved that she elected to take a hike. She's worried about finding another job - understandable, given the fact that there are virtually no jobs available here in town. I think that they're hiring where Pipeboy works, though, and while it won't be the money she was making here, that fact means Pipeboy will have no alternative but to do his part, or he'll be out on the streets.

And by her no longer working at the radio station, I'm free as a bird, absolutely no regrets or worries about heading off into other venues, myself. She was my only concern - I knew Boss well enough that I wouldn't have put it past him to fire her on principle if and when I left.

That's no longer an issue.

And since there's another radio person here, Boss thinks he's got one over on me now. Meanwhile I'm sitting with a grin, knowing very well that I'm planning to get out of here at earliest opportunity. The new radio person is okay but he doesn't have the first clue of how to run the computers or any of the scheduling system.

Oh well - everything works out in its right time and hopefully 00 will get a call back about another job asap. That would be the best of all possible resolutions.

California was getting hammered beyond belief yesterday. Talking to Michael last night on his cell phone, he described streets turned to rivers, places where roads were reduced to one lane where the other half was washed away or collapsed; and of course the mud slides. A lot of southern California is without power and land line phones are out, gas lines have been ruptured and cut off where possible. People are evacuating, then having to evacuate the new places, too.

I caught just part of the news tonight but gather they're at least getting a few days' reprieve from rain and snow. I hope it's not too warm, though. Nineteen FEET of snow in the mountain, melting all at once, isn't going to help their situation.

We've gotten a little rain tonight. Nothing huge, at least not so far - thank God. It looks like the bulk of the storm is staying to the north of us again. And the difference in elevation means most of what falls will probably come down in the form of snow (though I think the news said Flagstaff was getting rain this time around, and the elevation there is more than a mile high.)

Thank you, Andrew! It will only last as long as I keep up my paid account, but if you look at your browser's address bar, I now have a little favicon next to my diary's address. See the stylized "R"? Yup, that one. I have been playing all night. Since my studio is Kiss FM, I just added a set of angled red lips as the favicon to that site. (The fun is just beginning, mwahahaha!!) And I added a T to my personal site, though I'll probably go back and put in a jester cap if I can find a good one. I tried drawing one with my graphics program and while it's okay, I didn't like it shrunk down to the 16x16 icon size. I could always throw an annoying little smiley up there, I guess.

The how-to's are on Andrew's news, but you do need a program to create the .ico file, and you do have to have a paid Diaryland account. If you have a graphics program that's compatible with Adobe filters (Paint Shop Pro and Photo Impact both are, for example), you can download a plug-in that lets you save in .ico format. I think GIMP has it as an automatic option with the initial installation, but don't hold me to that, it's not a promise.

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