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Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005
Call Me

Wow... What a difference a day makes. Timing can be uncanny sometimes.

I asked Boss today to be paid for my vacation. Since I gave up a while back on the article I submitted to the magazine, I figured there was no more point hanging back any more in the vain hope that I could combine it with money from the story to get a vehicle.

Then this afternoon I got a phone call.

From the magazine.

Yeah, THAT magazine, the one I figured was a complete bust.

I was at work so really didn't have the opportunity for an involved conversation, but the gist of it was that 1) my story is still under consideration, 2) I got a very kind apology for the delay, after being told they're now running about six months from submission to publication, 3) I will get another call from the editor within a couple of days after she verifies the exact status of what I wrote, and 4) I was asked to send more. As in, more stories.

It is gratifying to get the sense that at least the submission wasn't a complete waste of time, after all.

There was more good news today - I got a response from the city manager and was told he'd be more than happy to be a professional reference for me. That has me lined up perfectly now, so I can send off my paperwork and get the job application completed. The job at the university is on hold but that's all right too - things have a tendency to come together in the right time and truthfully I needed the delay to take care of some business here. I really want to get a vehicle and if everything else comes together looks like that'll happen now. (FINALLY!)

Now that the kid's moved out I will work my butt off to wipe out ALL of my bills so I'll have a clean slate once I'm ready to go, and take care of a few other little things. The sofa's going back for repairs or replacement in the next day or so, thank goodness. I have a couple of other odds and ends of business to take care of then I am OUT OF HERE!

If I get the truck I might also check into a small trailer to buy. By handling it that way I can literally take everything with me, including the sofa and loveseat. Fortunately in my case "everything" isn't a heck of a lot.

I missed the city council meeting tonight, darn it. Despite what you may think, it really WASN'T intentional. I called the mayor at home after I realized and after allowing time for the meeting to end, something I am really loath to do. I know there are lots of so-called reporters who think nothing of climbing trees to get photos of glitterata inside their homes, but unless the home situation involves something illegal or the official evades me in public (and I did have one public official who literally ran from me after he was fired from the governor's office and returned to work locally,) I consider an elected person's pretty much off limits after hours. There are obviously going to be exceptions - if we had a state of emergency in town they'd probably call ME at home before I got the chance to call!

Fortunately I also got a return call from the city manager and between the two of them I got enough for a respectable story. In this instance, I was trying to rouse any council member or other city official I could because one of the higher-profile councilmen was hospitalized with some serious health issues. His wife is our former county school superintendent and just a fantastic lady, someone I've talked to many a time. My prayers are with her.

I hate reporting from phone conversations when it's a local thing. It is never the same as a first-person report, no matter how carefully you record and document. But when the brain goes thisaway and the body goes nowhere, I have no choice.

I talked to Boss, too, to ask when he's going in for surgery. I guess he's resigned to the fact, and is just now waiting for them to pin down a date. Heaven knows when that will be but I get the impression it's not far off, as in probably within days.

As a result I'm fine with putting my departure on a short-term hold. I really don't want to walk out and leave BJ (our new guy) sitting in front of the computer screen in a blind panic. BJ is a genuinely nice person and in completely over his head with this computer system, at least for the moment. As I told him, it's a heck of a lot to absorb all at once. I'm teaching him as fast as he can absorb it (which is mercifully fast,) working around everything ELSE I'm doing. And he's gracious enough to thank me profusely for being patient with him.

Ack - I've got to sign off, as I need to record a handful of news stories and get the print version onto the web page, and then transfer the audio files to the server.

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