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Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005
Thar She Blows

This will probably be a very short entry but I'm celebrating. Well, as much as one can celebrate when it entails more work.

I got a phone call at work today, asking for me. I didn't recognize the man's voice but that's nothing unusual, nor did I recognize his name off the bat, also not unusual. And people ask for me by name all the time so I didn't think anything about that, either. As it turned out, the caller was the editor of the Payson newspaper, and asked me to submit regular reports to the paper. The county seat is here in town, which means that things impacting that region are often handled here. He's been reading our studio web site and despite my frequent typos he decided he'd like me to be a feature writer. (Considering the volume of work I do every day, it's amazing I get as much spelled RIGHT as I do.)

I'll be paid by the column inch plus a little extra for digital photos when I send them. If I were doing it solely for the newspaper, I would say no, because the money isn't worth it. But since I have to cover this stuff already, and since it's more and different professional writing credentials, I figured what the heck. It probably won't be more than $100 a month most months, if that, though I'm sure If I'm lucky, I'll make enough to cover (or at least help cover) the cost of my car insurance, assuming I ever get a car!

I have a feeling the next couple of months could be financial boons, though, because I just got word today of a political battle heating up and on the verge of going nuclear. I have a feeling it's gonna get ugly and while I hate to see it take this turn, I might as well get paid for reporting it.

From time to time, I've sat in on political meetings that were just nuts. A couple of times I legitimately wondered if they'd turn into a riot. One meeting pretty much did. I just sat there with my tape recorder and my notebook, writing furiously so I could get it all down. I guess I should've been scared, kind of like I should've been scared when the man broke into my house and woke me up in the wee hours. And just like that situation, I didn't have enough sense to be afraid, which possibly saved my life. (Either that, or it was that "God protects children and fools" thing.)

Yes, reporters do get caught in the crossfire and killed. And yes, I have been in some dangerous situations. I am not a sportswoman but I guess I have some element of that in my blood, because put into those dangerous situations I've not so much as blinked. If anything, the adrenaline skyrocketed. I swear at moments like that I have to wonder if I'm a hermaphrodite simply because with that much of a testosterone reaction there's gotta be something male there. Then I look around and realize it is the guys fighting while I'm writing, and I'm reassured that yes, I'm still rational. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I don't think I'll be running into anything on quite that level here but I can't guarantee it. Because I think I mentioned already - our county's governing board is now a 2-to-1 balance; two women, one man. And one of the women on the board has declared war on at least one other woman in a position of authority in the local government. They're both older than I am, both matronly with a facade of dignity, and both have more fire in them than Krakatoa.

Yup, it's gonna get really interesting. And I'm not taking any bets against the fist fights and riots, not just yet. No matter how old they are, girls still fight dirty. It could get better. The same board member is none too fond of another newly-elected female official, either. Will we go two for two? And just to make it really fun, the two female board members aren't buddy-buddy, either. I've already seen some early sparks igniting in some of those exchanges. Fortunately the male side of that political triangle is doing his best to stay out of the line of fire. I'd hate to see the poor guy bloodied up, whatever I think of his politics.

Hang on, kids. I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride over the next few months!

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