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Saturday, Jan. 29, 2005
Friday Saturday Shuffle

I was a relatively good girl tonight. My paycheck went into the bank, I paid rent, my phone bill, a payment on my washing machine, got a few groceries, came home and fixed a doorknob that's needed repair for months, and wrote another chapter to the neverending story. (Mine, not the copyrighted story that's got that phrase for a title.)

While paying on the washing machine, I also checked the price to purchase the footboard and rails to go with my headboard. I was tickled pink to find out that both, together, come to less than $140. Barring catastrophe I'm going to do that in the near future.

I was also looking around for a nightstand, since the only thing I've got is a $10 table that's BUILT like a $10 table. It's built of 3/8" particle board and some 1/4" dowels, some wood-printed tissue paper, and green spray paint. I was looking to move up to something slightly nicer and with more storage, though I was still pretty much figuring I'd have to get something to put together myself, considering what I can realistically spend.

I saw a few things that were all right in the range of $130-150 (already more than I wanted to spend,) then I spied something that was to die for. It has to be a sin to like a piece of furniture that much! It wasn't actually a nightstand - not sure what you'd call it. I would've thought it was a sideboard by the size and style of it - it's at least 30-35" tall, probably 40-45" wide, and has one drawer the entire width, plus two doors below with a shelf behind the doors. It's got a sunburst pattern of inlaid wood on the top, drawer, and doors, and the simple antique brass pulls would work with the details on my bed. I normally like simple, classic lines. This is a little more ornate than my mission-style stuff in the living room that I love, and the wood's a lighter tone. I think this would be in keeping with the antique appearance of the bed, though.

If it was a sideboard, it was stuck with a bedroom ensemble. Of course at $299 it's way too much to pay for a nightstand, but darn... I could use it to replace TWO pieces of furniture I'm using now and still have space left. (Pardon me. I'll be sure to mop up the drool before I leave this diary tonight.)

My former in-laws were over last night. (I'm renting this place from them.) My mother-in-law (I refuse to bother with the ex part; they introduce me and refer to me as their daughter-in-law and they're my kids' grandparents, so they'll always be family) wants to buy my furniture when I move. That's a switch. I used to be the one who would've killed to have some of the things that other family members had. When I was at my brother's home for Christmas, and looked at their overly-ornate, too-large-for-the-house furniture in the living room, all I could think was that somebody was being a little too ostentatious for their britches.

It was pretty, I guess, and no doubt very expensive, but I am much happier with my dark wood and iron, thank you very much. My taste is simple and comfortable first and foremost. Normally I prefer solid colors for everything, including clothing; my bedding was my exception to every rule and I still love it, but I wouldn't want matching/coordinating print curtains and rug and yada yada yada. One extreme statement is more than enough!

Anyway, I don't intend to sell what I have. It would cost me too much to replace it, and aside from looking hard to find things that I really love, I've worked too darned hard to let it all go now. So we're back to looking for a truck to rent when I'm ready to move. Before I go back for the sideboard/cabinet/nightstand/whatever, I'll also check the antique places again. They didn't have anything that would work, last time I checked, but it's been a while now so I'm due to make the rounds and check things out, if for no other reason than to get the heck out of the house for a while.

Okay, now for my not-being-such-a-good-girl moment for tonight. I spent about $20 and bought a book and a DVD. The third Lord of the Rings DVD had dropped to $13.88 at Wal Mart and I refused to pass it up at that price. I rarely buy DVD's but I loved reading Tolkien and loved the films and was in the mood to see a movie. As a result, tonight I plunked down in front of the TV for three straight hours. (Talk about decadence!) If I'd gone to a theater for a one-shot movie I'd have spent that much by adding popcorn and a coke.

The book looks interesting. It's called Just Between Friends, by Sandra Steffen. Definitely a girly book but I don't think it's a romance. More along the lines of Fried Green Tomatoes, if the cover blurb is any indication. (By the way, I've also got Standing In The Rainbow, another book by the author of Tomatoes. Two copies, in fact. That's the book that my sis-in-law has given me twice now. The author's got a unique style and while she writes in a little romance, it's more folksy charm than anything else.)

Boss phoned me three or four times, as usual. Fortunately he got the nightly calls out of his system early so it's been reasonably peaceful. 00 was over for the beginning of the movie but she has to bring her dog when she comes and the critter was too hyper for her to really watch. Besides which, she broke a tooth and was starting to hurt, and she said she needed to get some things done at home before starting her new job. (Incidentally, she told me that the entire content of her interview for this job was, "What is your work experience? You worked for [Boss's name]??? For TEN MONTHS??? OH MY GOD... if you survived that you can do anything. You're hired!" Everything from that point forward was her listening to her new work team telling her nightmare stories about my boss. And you thought I was exaggerating...)

Weather permitting I'll probably be out and about tomorrow for most of the day. It was a little cool today but otherwise gorgeous. I think upper 50's or thereabouts (Fahrenheit.) Laundry first in the morning tomorrow (and hopefully early enough that I can get it done in a reasonable time frame.) Then make the rounds at the antiques shops to see what they've got. Most of the time if I find something there it'll be cheaper there than new, anyway; plus antiques are generally solid wood. If you buy solid wood new it'll cost you an arm and a leg just to get through the front door of the showroom.

I can't buy at the moment but what the heck. I can check and see what they've got, and it's worth it just to get out of the house! (Besides, if I'm gone, Boss can't call me in to work.)

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