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Monday, Feb. 07, 2005
The Spyware Who Loved Me

Ack - it's nearly 1am Monday and I'm still awake - though not for long. This weekend was nonstop. I worked Saturday at the studios then came home, fixed dinner, and went to bed - and Boss called and woke me up shortly after because I hadn't downloaded one of our regular shows. He doesn't know how and to be honest I don't think he wants to know how. What's more, given some of the stuff I've seen him mess up in the past, I'm not sure I want him to know how, either!

Downloading the programs takes a while, and unfortunately you have to download each segment individually on that one. A few of our agency-produced shows and commercials have ftp sites, which makes life much simpler. You download all of the files with one click, then go on and do something else while they're downloading. This one we download once every two weeks, which makes it harder to keep track of. The weekly shows we know to download on XX day of the week. This one needs a scheduler. I wonder if there's an open-source download manager that'll download it automatically when the files names always change???

Thanks to Boss waking me up immediately after I went to sleep around 10-ish, I was then awake until around 4am. (Thank you, Boss, for contributing to a raging case of insomnia.)

Both yesterday and today, in addition to "work" work, I have been helping a friend get her PC straightened away. She had so much junkware on it we honestly couldn't even tell what she needed to keep and what she needed to dump. She had several viruses and even more spyware programs. It's the first time that I've seen programs actually block downloads of the software that would kill them, but it happened here. I had to jump through hoops to put a spyware killer on her PC, and even then I couldn't download any updates to it so while it did catch a bunch of stuff it didn't get it all. We finally ended up just re-loading Windows, with her in NS Canada and me in Arizona, on the phone walking through the step-by-step process. Fortunately her version of Windows has SP2 already on it so we could use the firewall right off the bat - though we didn't. I understood that the firewall activated automatically and that didn't happen. Oh well, live and learn.

Anyway, a couple of days later she's up and running, her files are saved, I saw to it that she's got antivirus and anti-spyware programs on her computer and that she understands the importance of keeping them updated and running them regularly; we have several open source programs on her machine, too, including Open Office, Thunderbird, and Firefox. I gave her the same security pep talk and while we know it won't sink in with her kids, at least she now has enough control to keep it from getting as completely polluted as it was before she re-installed.

I got very little by way of sleep but it was a fabulous treat talking to this friend on the phone. Since she moved from British Columbia on the west coast, to Nova Scotia on the east, we rarely catch up with each other any more. There were more than a few nostalgic moments - we have a long history as friends and have been known to spend several hours on the phone long distance when time and finance permitted.

Well, like it or not I suppose I should close up shop and go to bed. It's back to the grindstone tomorrow - but at least NEXT weekend I should have my washing machine, plus one of my friends from the Phoenix area is hopefully coming up for the weekend.


I may finally have a vehicle shortly - an '86 Chevy shortbed pickup in good condition, recently rebuilt engine, for $1500. I am working on the deal now. Cross your fingers for me! The only downside is the paint color - black in Arizona is not the best, but what the heck. If the interior is black I'll put on a seat cover and a steering wheel cover and be good to go. At this point if it runs, and it's mine, I'll be thrilled!

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