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Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005
Its A Web Web Web Web World

Ah yes, the indescribable fun of trying to fight for a post again! I'd forgotten that about free accounts. I might up my membership again later in the week at this rate, ha! I have to cut back somewhere, though, so my Tripod site is going to have to go. I should've done that eons ago, anyway. I only pay $5 a month for that account, but it has a whopping 25 megs of web space, one affiliated email account, and virtually NOTHING else that's useful to me, except the untold hours I put into constructing the darned thing when I had absolutely no clue what I was doing

It was a learning experience on several counts and DOES offer a good basic package for a novice. It's got a built-in page-builder program, though I find the thing too huge and slow downloading to be worth the trouble.

On the other hand, I pay $10 a month for my domain account, which includes 1 GIG of web space, 20 gigs bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts with unlimited capacity. It also has some gee-wiz features like MY SQL database, built-in web stats, and other things that I consider valuable tools.

Incidentally, I feel a teacher moment coming on, so indulge me. Bandwidth is a term that confuses a lot of people, but it's not all that hard to understand. It is how much information is carried back and forth, to and from your server.

thumbnailIn other words, look at this picture. It's a small image, a thumbnail linked to a bigger photo. The thumbnail has a file size containing 3.52 kilobytes of information. Pretty small, as images go. The bigger picture in the link contains 93.8 kilobytes of information - big difference and realistically too large to be an effective image for people who use dial-up internet.

Bandwidth is the amount of information downloaded from my server so that you can see the image(s). It is how many kilobytes, TIMES however many people are looking at the image, which also reflects how much information is actually exchanged. Text and html coding are relatively small file sizes. Images tend to be much larger, audio is much larger (an .mp3 can be 3000 kilobytes or more, a .wav file can be four times that or more.) A video, as a rule, will be among the largest files (other than a software/program download.)

When you calculate all of the information that people view/listen to on your page, plus any amount of information you are UPLOADING to your page - that figure is the amount of bandwidth you are using at the time.

If you have a very busy site, you can exceed your allotment of bandwidth and your would-be visitors get turned away with an error message. For a business web site, that would be extremely poor form and probably lose you a great deal of business tuit suite. Since I deal primarily with business accounts, and it's dirt-cheap for the amenities it offers (not to mention the bonus of being able to try blowing up my personal site prior to using any new goodies on the business site and knowing whether or not it's compatible with that system,) I naturally went for that option.

I have considered offering some basic HTML lessons here on DL, though if I do that I won't put them on this diary. I'll set up a separate site expressly for that purpose. I could walk even a complete novice through setting up at least a basic web page, in almost no time at all. A lot of people are intimidated by the acronyms and coding. They think it's a variation of literary voodoo. (It is, but we won't go there. Suffice to say, it's an easily-mastered voodoo.)

When you talk about designing a page like this one (I'm talking about the decoration, not the programming that lets you post and save it to a file, etc.) it's complicated - but it's still all based on the same set of simple principles. I am positively in love with this page. If you know for sure that you have an error, put your url (web address of the page) in and it will spit out the errors, telling you which line number the error is on.

Trick is, after it does that, go back and click the box near the top that says, "Show Source" and it will add a gray box at the bottom that shows the lines with its number next to them. Makes it great to find a single error in a ton of coding. For me, a ton of coding may be 30 or forty pages. For a newbie it might be half a page. Either way, this nifty little program is a godsend.

And while there are lots and lots of fancy-shmancy programs out there that you can use to build a webpage, let me tell you my secret. I normally use the extremely technical program called... Notepad.

Yeah, the same Notepad program that comes with windows. No frills, no chills, no spills. I can always build a basic page with that, and use it to edit in the details. It's simple, it works, and all you have to do to see what your page looks like after you've made and saved it as an html file is to double-click on it. Your computer will happily pull it right up for you.

Plus, you're not spending big bucks for a program you have to learn how to use, anyway.

Darn it... I am looking at the time and thinking I really need to call it a night. But before I go, a quiz stolen from boxx9000:

LJ Friends Meme by

You must tell Seven people about this game.
Michael is the one that you love.
Todd is one you like but can't work out.
You care most about Lisa.
Daniel is the one who knows you very well.
Justice is your lucky star.
Walking In Memphis is the song that matches with Michael.
Never Too Old For Young Love is the song for Todd.
Rhythm Of The Rain is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
and Leader Of The Band is the song telling you how you feel about life
Take this quiz

I had to think to come up with some of those names - not to mention some of the songs! Man... I gotta get out more!

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