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Friday, Mar. 11, 2005
Rim Shot Rendezvous

Apparently God decided (finally) that he's played one practical joke too many on me and it was time to throw me a bone. While I'm almost afraid to say it out loud (or in print) I think things got a little better today.

Boss's friend K arrived and didn't do anything to try and disrupt operations, nor did he attempt to challenge my authority in any way. He tried shocking me with a few crude words (as IF!) and then basically we started comparing notes. Between the two of us we probably know more about Boss than anyone else, though his information is a few years out of date.

Boss managed to get a little liquid down yesterday, the first time in a week. He's putting on the front that he's on his way to a full recovery. I wouldn't put it past him on principle, if he could find a way to lock two people into the station indefinitely, but of course life doesn't work that way, and neither does cancer. He might prolong things a little while but by this stage it won't be for very long.

K asked me several things that BJ (other new guy) has been asking me for weeks now. I had to tell K the same thing: I just don't know. Boss told me precious little even when he thought he wouldn't be coming back at all. I know where his will is and how to reach his family. I don't have a clue what his will contains, what will happen to the studios when he dies, how to dispense with his personal effects, etc. I assumed he was asking K here to help out, but apparently he didn't even tell K his reason(s) for flying him out here! At least the fact that K's clueless too tells me that it's just another spine in Boss's prickly personality. An irresponsible one. A stupid one. Oh well.

Damn... It's 2:39am again. I really shouldn't be adding an entry online, I should be sleeping. K commented today that I looked "stressed." All together now: DUH!!!!!

At least K's keeping Boss out of my hair. They were gone all day today, went to Mayo for another appointment (well considering it's 2am, I should revise that to yesterday) and I got more done than I've accomplished in eons. Boss has another appointment this morning at 9am, no clue what the follow-up's about and didn't ask. Not asking, at this point, is its own luxury.

I'm having to work my way through piles of paperwork and stuff that I haven't had time to touch for months. Our FCC Quarterly Reports are up to date and I'm working ahead on the next batch, due at the end of this month; I've got the billing done; and I sifted through a stack of back emails several inches thick. Amazingly, I didn't miss a whole lot of things in the delinquent emails. Nothing earth-shattering, anyway. I hope.

BJ and I had a little time to talk, as K asked about doing the morning drive and I intend to put him there. BJ's been doing morning drive but frankly, K's the better on-air personality (by leaps and bounds.) At the same time, when it comes to broadcast personnel, you never know who's going to go off in a snit if you start moving them around. BJ's been doing split shifts so I can handle everything else and babysit Boss, something that I knew he (BJ) wanted to change.

In the end it'll work out fine; BJ's going to flip to afternoon drive so he can dump the split shift and still work on his own deejay business on the side, K will do morning drive and pick up a share of babysitting Boss. That way I can focus on that hellacious backload of paperwork, bringing the news back up to snuff, start wrestling with the new traffic program BEFORE its test period expires, and do my share of babysitting.

Incidentally, lest you think I'm being facetious about the babysitting angle... Never mind, I really don't think you want to know. I know I didn't want to know. It's one of those "entirely too much information no matter who you are" things.

Well, it's time for this stressed woman to call it a night. I keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope to goodness I don't collapse and die before Boss does. But if I don't get some rest I'll beat him to the punch line.

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