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Sunday, Mar. 20, 2005
The Sunday Luck Club

Got a few things done this weekend, including some much needed rest. I slept until nearly 10 this morning, which isn't too bad. Former Traffic Girl brought over her home computer for a quick fix, which took maybe three minutes (counting the time to blow out the dust.) Her video card had disconnected and fallen to the bottom of the case. I plugged it back in and this time put in a screw to hold it so it won't come undone again. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

I did some more laundry, changed my bedding and put in a load of jeans and stuff.

My one HUGE pet peeve is clean sheets: gotta change them a minimum of once a week or I go nuts. I went a little longer this time simply because I only have one set and with all the insanity of the past few weeks, I simply didn't have time to wash them. Washing them and hanging them out to dry this weekend makes my whole room smell like fresh air, and actually got me moving to do the rest of the cleaning, vacuuming, etc.

Assuming the bank credits back the erroneous payment, I think I'm going to get another set of sheets. It's stupid not to have at least one change of bedding, anyway. And I can get a 250-thread-count queen set from Wally World for about a really good price, if I don't order from again. While I love Domestications for some things, and their overall pricing and quality is extremely good, I think for sheets I might be better off with the Wally World deals.

I should also get back my deposit for one of my utility bills this month, which should be more than enough to cover the price, though, wherever I get them.

Youngest Daughter didn't come back last night. I don't know if that means she and current flaky boyfriend made up or what. From what she initially told me and what I'd seen of him, I thought this guy was actually a keeper. But Youngest Daughter pointed out that he's not working - is living off of money from his mom and grandmother despite the fact that he's a qualified electrician. And apparently he's a serial cheat.

I don't get why Youngest Daughter is attracted to those qualities, but if she puts up with it, more power to her. I also hate to say it, but what goes around comes around, and she's definitely got her own history.

I don't understand that with my girls. There is NOTHING I loath more than a cheat. It is the lowest of the low, several levels below pond scum and amoebic dysentery. I don't know for sure if 00 has cheated before, though God knows I've heard entirely too much other information about her sex life from time to time. I've always been very open with my kids about sex, from the time that they were little. I always believed that knowledge was power. Now I'm wondering if it would've been better to instill a guilt complex of SOME kind. Youngest Daughter told me she's cheated, as if I couldn't already tell from observing her behavior when she's here.

In general I hate to buy stuff when I know within reason that I'll be moving in a little while, but I intend to keep my bedding. I'll ship linens by whatever freight option is most cost effective. I will also be shipping my sewing machine and my serger, which I inherited from my grandmother and my mother, respectively. Those are priorities.

I was thinking of shipping a couple of sets of towels, too, but not sure if it would cost more to ship those than to replace them with comparable quality.

Obviously if I get a vehicle before leaving, I'll be able to take MUCH more with me, though I guess I'll have to sell my washing machine. It's too heavy to pack across the county and it's new enough that I should be able to sell it for a decent price. Then hopefully once I get moved I can just funnel the money right back into getting another washer.

Well, my load of jeans is done washing and I really need to go put my last money into the gas tank. If I wait until the kids come home, I won't get the chance. I know them all too well.

I'm keeping the other blog site open, too, but for now I'll still post on Diaryland. Not sure I'll renew my gold membership when it's up again, though, and since my images aren't returning, I guess I'll be redesigning this page.

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