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Thursday, Mar. 24, 2005
Zombie Night Potpourri

I was on the phone with wench77 last night until... well, ridiculously late. And I enjoyed every minute of it, but tonight I have to admit, I'm a real zombie!

The political claptrap continued into today, and if anything escalated. Finally, tired and figuring nothing's lost, I forwarded the copies of the emails to the newspaper. My work was done: the northern portion of the county is coming unglued, and appropriately so.

The person who's the driving force behind this is claiming that his perceived enemies are attempting a "pocket veto" maneuver, so named for holding onto legislation (putting it in your pocket) until it's a moot point. But in this case the term doesn't apply and it certainly doesn't excuse his move to eliminate any representation from a huge segment of the population.

Oh well. I did my thing, printed, aired, forwarded. In general, I did all that I could to get the message out there. If the board passes the issue, so be it; but at least let it be handled the right way, not as an ill-advised covert operation destined to start a war. And that's what this would entail. If it goes down like this, it will touch off a firestorm that may never die until it takes out everything and everyone in its path.

A friend of mine said it best: stupidity should hurt.

Of course in reality, stupidity DOES hurt. It just doesn't always show up right away, and it often hurts more than the person who wields it.

Boss went in for more medical tests today. I understood that he was supposed to have a biopsy but that didn't happen. He said they ran some sort of electrical current through his body and measured the time it took to travel from electrode A to electrode B. And here I thought shock treatment for insanity went out a century ago.

Talked to my sister and I'm planning to go to her place again this weekend, though this time it will be for a more relaxing time. I have two tickets (freebies from work) to the Renaissance Festival. Other than that, we'll probably just kick back and relax, probably watch some movies and just talk and enjoy ourselves. It is pretty darned nice to have my baby sister back after her marital abduction thirteen years ago. We'd both forgotten what it was like to do stuff together!

She said her ex had a big gallon pickle jar that he used to toss in spare change. When he couldn't fit it into his truck, she offered him a $20 bill, thinking it was mostly pennies. He took the $20 but told her there was nowhere near $20 in it.

After he left, she also went through their back yard and collected all the aluminum cans he'd thrown out there. Between the cans she picked up and recycled (three big garbage bags full) and the coins, she came away with well over $100, most of it from the change that was "nowhere near $20." He was right on that, anyway. The didn't add up to anywhere near $20; the loose change alone came up to more than $100.

00's boyfriend had to drive to the Phoenix area for a formal interview for the manager's job today and he had to borrow gas money from me. I ended up hocking my TV to get it for him because frankly, that's all I had at the moment and I want the kid to get this job. They only got $15 for the TV but it was enough to get him there. And considering that I almost never watch TV, it wasn't like I am all that worried about it. (Plus tomorrow is payday. I can buy it out then, whether or not the kids actually pay me back.)

I haven't been anywhere near a pawn shop in forever so it's amazing I even thought of that as an option. I know I probably should've told them to deal with it themselves, but I need to know that 00 has some semblence of security before I head out of here. If Pipeboy has this they'll have a steady income and, after a little while, should have benefits. His district manager had to go through the paces and he had to go to the interview and do a drug test, I guess, which meant driving to the Valley.

Now that I think of it, I've had that little portable TV for about 8 years. $15 for it was a deal. If it doesn't come back at all it's not the end of the world. It'll just be one less thing to deal with when I move.

I do have another television, just need to do a minor repair to a connection on it. I figure maybe $2-3 at Radio Shack, if that.

Tomorrow at work is going to be fix-the-computers-again day. I need to replace the hard drive in the traffic machine. It's gotten progressively more noisy, and that's the one machine for which we DON'T have a backup, because the traffic program is only licensed for one machine. (It's more expensive than the broadcast automation program.) But in order to make the transfer seamless, think I'll install the new drive as a slave and use Norton Ghost to clone the drive. I'll actually have to uninstall the newer Norton and install the older version, because when we updated we didn't get the upgrade to a version with Ghost. Once I transfer the drive contents and yank the dead drive, I'll put the new Norton back onto the machine.

Boss said he's going to drive to the Valley and pick up more hard drives tomorrow. Someone (wasn't me this time) told him that if you install a bunch of drives at the same time, they have a tendency to all die at the same time. I can't say that's true, but I wouldn't be surprised, though I think this one's the oldest operating drive except the one in our old 386.

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