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Sunday, Mar. 27, 2005
Whirlwind Weekend

I originally planned to reply to the meme but at the moment I'm barely holding my head up. Had a terrific weekend, very exhausting weekend, though.

We did the Ren Faire thing, which was better than I expected; saw three movies (one at the theater and two at sis's house;) and performed manual labor, to wit: several hours today doing yard work. My sister's soon-to-be-ex-husband was supposed to do the yard work. The fact that there was a jungle in her back yard is mute testimony to his effectiveness. And I mentioned she picked up three garbage bags full of alumnimum cans from their back yard.

I stand corrected. She picked up TWELVE bags. Fifty pounds, altogether, in fact. We were picking up other garbage he'd tossed out there, too. We used a combination of weed whacker, lawn mower, hoe, and rake, and even with both of us working hard on it, we barely made a dent in three hours. (After that, it was too hot to work. We were both already sunburned from the day before.)

Not to mention, I'm sore in places I didn't even know I had places.

As of last night, I have now officially been to IKEA store and while there were a few things that were all right, I didn't fall in love with anything. My sister swears that it has to be some kind of record; I went in, walked through, and left without buying anything and without any desire to go back later and buy anything. I guess the whole Scandanavian thing just isn't me.

In fact, other than food and a movie ticket, the only things that I bought all weekend was a scented candle for my sister and a tri-tone ring for me. I paid less than $20 for the both of them. I still want to find a birthstone ring, but I'm picky about what I want and still haven't seen anything that I like that's in my price range. In the meantime, what I bought is copper, brass, and silver, which ends up looking very much like black hills gold.

Hey, I may be a cheapskate by necessity, but I've learned to look for things that at least look pretty decent for the price.

Somewhere down the line we forgot about this being Easter Sunday, which is an extremely odd feeling. We both would normally have been in church on Easter Sunday morning, but this year it didn't work out that way. We also didn't get to go to a couple of places we'd intended to go today, though, because everything was closed. Given how many hoops I have to jump through to even GO to the Phoenix metro area, I have to maximize my time, so while I respect the religious implications and don't begrudge people their days off, I was kind of bummed that I couldn't get as much done as I'd planned.

The weekend was SUPPOSED to have started before it did, anyway. I'd asked Boss to let me leave a little early, and planned to leave around 2-ish in the afternoon. But BJ didn't show up until past 3pm and then decided he had to go to the bank before covering things. We're talking a Friday afternoon, and he goes on live at 3:30pm. Does anyone besides me see a problem here?

As it turned out, he drove to the bank and turned around and came back, complaining because he couldn't get done in time.

Well DUH. If I hadn't called him when I did, he might not have made it in time to go on with the afternoon show. He's got a tendency to show up at the last minute. I've seen him run through the door at 3:28pm to be on the air at 3:30. If he's a no-show, that means I have to cover. This time around he went to the bank and turned around without waiting in line and got back just barely in time to go on the air.

Normally it's not a big deal, but considering I was SUPPOSED to have gotten off work an hour and a half before that, and it was the first non sick time I'd taken off in well over a year... (I did take one day off when Friend from Quebec was visiting. It was all I could get.) Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, and BJ never got past his blasé view of the situation.

While I took a whole bunch of pictures at the Ren Faire, Miss IT and technological brilliance forgot she left her digicam on flash, rather than automatic. So I don't know for sure how many pictures came out, but I'm guessing it ain't many. I'm crossing my fingers that at least some of them do. I still can't believe I did something so stupid. Then again, as tired as I was and am, I'm doing good to remember my name.

I don't know if anyone would appreciate our entertainment fare - besides the Ren Faire, we saw Miss Congeniality 2 in theaters. (Sis is a huge Sandra Bullock fan and I liked the first movie, too.) We also watched I Am Sam, with Sean Penn, and Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalo, both of the latter at her house.

Did I ever mention that my sister and I both adore lowbrow comedies? Back a while after its original release, My sister and I went to the cheap theaters and watched Weekend at Bernies, and if we'd laughed any harder I think it would have caused actual physical damage to our ribs. Bruce Bigalow, besides being funny and sophomoric, actually turned out to have a few redeeming values. (I mean besides the fact that Oded Fehr was in it.) There were some asides that I guess were supposed to appeal to guys, as referencing the detective and his thin... personality. But overall it was woth watching.

I ended up calling sis back tonight after I started this entry. In the course of looking up the spelling of Fehr's last name (yeah, yeah, some fan, I know ) I discovered that there's going to be a Deuce Bigalow 2 coming out in August of this year. I phoned my sister and even now, neither of us are sure if my calling her to tell her that should be enough to qualify for help from the men in the little white coats.

In reality, while there are several performers I really like onscreen, I'm not a nutzoid fan of anyone. I guess my point of view differs. These are strangers who are pretending to be someone else. I can appreciate their performances, but who actors are in real life may or may not bear any resemblence to the person they're portraying. I equate them with a beautiful home. Very pretty to look at, but unless they're where I live, I'm not getting emotionally attached in any way, shape, or form.

I haven't forgotten the meme, though I suspect some of my answers might not be what anyone is expecting.

For tonight, though, I'll be bidding you adieu. I need to hang out a load of clothes to dry and then I'm crawling into my bed and sleeping for oh, about a month.

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