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Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2005
I Learnt It Guud Teecher

I interviewed a couple of people today and had very high hopes for one. Then I read one of her stories.

When did schools stop teaching kids how to read and write? I mean, this is a woman in her mid-thirties who can verbally express herself very well. She's personable as heck and claimed to have the tech saavy we need, but...

She said she does creative writing and wants eventually to be published, and I'm thinking, "How perfect is THAT?" Fortunately (thank GOD) I asked her to send me a sample of her writing before I committed to anything.

On diaries it makes no difference to me, but if you want to pursue writing on any kind of a professional level, you really MUST be able to string together a coherent sentence and present it in a format that's consistent and legible. Her work was none of the above. It was a horror story lifted (badly) from the X-Files. To call the grammar uneven is being kind. It would pass the spell check, only because wherever a homonym was possible, she invariably chose the wrong option. The story line was supposed to be graphic, which would have been fine. Instead it was gory in a couple of places and the rest was just plain boring.

I also got the impression, before everything was said and done, that her tech know-how was more tech know-not. She cheerfully told me how she could tear down her computer and rebuild it from scratch and reload Windows... every time she messed it up.

Ummm... telling me that you mess up your computer badly enough to have to reload the operating system every few weeks is NOT a good recommendation for your tech know-how. For a business you want NOT to have to reload Windows, because when you do, you lose almost a full day of other work you could be doing. Occasionally it happens. It most definitely shouldn't be a regular occurrance.

Worse yet, so far she's our best candidate.

One person came into the studios this afternoon, asked me about salary range and benefits, and said politely, "Thanks but no thanks."

There's one more person to interview at the end of the week. We shall see how that goes. It's looking pretty much like what I figured all along: Boss doesn't have a prayer of getting anyone who can do this job, not on his pay scale. I doubt he could get anyone with that level of expertise for double what he can pay, especially not when you take into account the location and conditions.

The college president is resigning - no surprise there. Her husband told me a couple of weeks ago that they'd probably leave. She comfirmed to me unofficially over the phone yesterday and it became official today, effective at the end of June. I can't blame her: she had the unmitigated gall to attempt to turn our community college into an institution of learning. The powers that be had other ideas, preferring a curriculum (and I use the term loosely) that's heavy on meaningless drivel. Those goals are incompatible. On top of that, the district Board of Governors voted in a contract with our old provider - and essentially gave them a blank check. The wording of the contract spells out that the outside school district calls all the shots. The contract doesn't spell out a budget, curriculum, or a dollar amount for the services. They can charge absolutely anything, and this county is legally obligated to pay it.

The president's moving to the Phoenix area and asked me again about staying in the region. At this rate I have no clue WHERE I'll end up.

Not everything is bad news. I received an email today with a list of literary agents, and will immediately begin pursuing that direction.

And if I should end up living in the Phoenix area again, in spite of everything, I can get a cell plan that's less than $50 and offers unlimited local calls - I had them before and absolutely loved their service, would go back in a heartbeat. I do miss my cell phone!

A couple of fun things. This was my latest fortune:


As you probably guessed, I have a thing for Chinese food. I just chortled at the fortune - to be a great philanthropist, you have to HAVE a fortune - and not the kind you find in cookies, either.

You'll be happy to know that I'm 84 percent Dixie. Can you tell I had Confederate ancestors? Click here to take the test and decide if you're Yankee or Dixie.

All righty, y'all. I'm going to turn in early and try to catch up on my sleep. This weekend is get-serious-about-packing weekend. No more stalling. I have already gone through on a preliminary basis to try and figure out what's going to be sold and what will be packed away. I've still got a small dresser, daybed, microwave, food processor, and lots of odds and ends to sell, plus a couple of little tables and maybe my VCR. I haven't decided about that yet. Replacing the TV eventually is a given. I'm just not sure I'll really be in a hurry to replace the VCR. Then again, I'm not keeping any videotapes so I guess it's not a big deal one way or another!

If I do get a car I'm keeping the computer and monitor - I really hated to get rid of the monitor I have, anyway, because it's one designed especially to play nice with graphics editors.

All righty then. I'm rambling, which I take as an indication that it's time for me to say Sayonara for the moment. Maybe I'll start that packing early, after all! Provided Boss will stop calling me!!!!!!

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