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Monday, Apr. 18, 2005
Luck Be A Lady Tonight

Now that life has finally wound down for the night... sort of... I'm going to put an entry here.

This weekend was profitable, if nothing else. I got the check in the mail (finally) from the newspaper, paying me for the articles I submitted to them. It would have BARELY been enough to cover the cost of the airline ticket, had I bought one. But hey - money is money and since I didn't go out of my way, just sent them the copy we used for the studios (with only very minor adjustments) I didn't feel like I was cheated.

Also sold my dinette and my bed and the candle centerpiece from the dinette and got paid for them, even though I will be keeping them until I am ready to leave.

Plus a friend came over to the house and paid me $50 to work on her computer. In this case, though, while it was worth $50, it wasn't a months-long commitment during which she'll be giving me grief throughout. I did a clean reinstall of Windows on her computer, which is kind of a no-brainer thing, and then set up her MSN dial-up account.

Ironically, it was about forty times the work to get the dial up process initiated than it was to install Windows from scratch. Yeesh - for something that works so poorly and doesn't cost much less than broadband, it's just too much work. I finally shut the thing down for the night because I don't want to tie up my phone line all night long. I'll get it going tomorrow as I'm leaving for work and let it run all day, downloading the umpteen bazillion updates (she has Windows 2000 and while I put SP4 on CD, there are still way too many more to count.)

I bought another ring from Ebay, this one for 00. She's currently wearing the one I bought for myself and while it fits her without modification, I'd really like mine back.

We decided to gamble on the metaphysical, if you will. Citrine was once known as the merchant's stone for its ability to enhance one's income. 00's ring cost less than mine, under $17 with shipping. It's a different cut, a more modern style. It's the same size, though, so should fit her fine.

I'll let you know if it brings me any money. Heck, if I win the lottery, methinks even Dangerspouse, who's a devout non-believer in anything but sex and food, will be have a yellow gemstone tucked into his wallet! Actually, as I just re-read the properties and since it's supposed to also heighten sexuality, maybe he'd better stay away. If it should turn out to be true, a little more sex in that man and he'll break something.

I mean, break something more than he's already done.

Tomorrow (well technically later today, as it's 1:22am Monday) I'm going to have to see if I can get in to see my doctor. I've been battling an earache off and on for the past couple of days, and battling a low-grade headache for the past week or thereabouts. I don't like the sound of that; last time I had an earache the problem compounded, the infection spreading into my lymph nodes. But the long-term headache is more troublesome. Last time I had that it was related to swelling of the brain, something for which they could never identify any distinct cause.

Back in ancient history, when I worked for the megalithic phone company Assinine Tricksters & Top-heavy, when I had insurance, I developed an odd group of symptoms. I made the medical books, in fact. I had both uveitis, an acute and dangerous type type of iritis, and papilledema, swelling of the optic nerve due to pressure inside the brain. My opthamologist had never seen the two in combination and never found a cause for them. They suspected an autoimmune disease of some sort but I tested negative for absolutely everything. They put me on steroid eye drops for several months so I could see again (at its worst, the uveitis left me so nearly blind I couldn't drive or work.) The swelling of my brain went away on its own, but I was told if it recurred they'd need to do exploratory surgery.

Fortunately I don't have the uveitis symptoms going on for the moment. That was very identifiable - the inside of my eyelids felt like sandpaper and my eyes themselves were as red as if I had conjunctivitis (pink eye.) My eyes are uncomfortable, along with everything else from the neck up, but my bigger concern is for what's potentially behind the discomfort.

I do know that stress is a factor in all of this - that much was determined back when. Gee... if only I had a job with something resembling benefits, my doctor might prescribe an extended vacation. I'm thinking a month long cruise might do the trick. However, in reading about this, it raised another point, one that nobody mentioned before. It can be weight-related. In fact, at least one article said practitioners should recommend that patients with papilledema pursue weight loss. That's true when the diagnosis is pseudotumor (which was what they finally called my situation, as they couldn't identify any other cause.)

The recurrance now, in tandem with the ear pressure, is not encouraging, but it DOES remind me yet again that the diet beckons me and I really need to stick to it.

Other than the diet aspect, it's pretty much irrelevant at this point because I don't have medical insurance. Whatever it is, I'll have to manage on aspirin, cutting back, and whatever prescription can be bought at the local Rx.

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