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Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2005
How To Write A Novel And Other Myths

For the past three or four years, I've sworn I would enter the 3-Day Novel Contest. I have a friend from Canada who's challenged me every year, and I've challenged her every year. Her name is Lisa.

Neither of us has yet made the attempt, though we both love writing.

While I have an idea for the manuscript, I am not willing to even say I'll try it this year, simply because I don't know what my work and living arrangements will be over Labor Day weekend. Heck, I don't know where I'll be in a month!

The contest is precisely what the name implies. You have from 12:01am on September 3, 2005 until 11:59pm on September 5, 2005 to write a novel. And then you have to mail it in and have professional editors read the result.

If you've got the cojones for the job, this contest is for you. The winner gets a publishing contract. It is the ultimate in trial by deadline. I would LOVE to see some of my Diaryland buddies to participate.

If I get the opportunity, I think I will talk to a local 24-hour coffee shop and ask if I can set up in a corner, complete with a laptop and signs saying what I'm doing. I'll ask for people coming in to submit short lines or ideas for me to incorporate into the story - asking just a word or two, so I wouldn't have someone trying to claim that it was their idea, etc. That would resolve the problem of food, because I'd be able to order my meals.

Well, it's a thought anyway.

I really DO love taking something off the wall that's thrown at me and spontaneously using it to make something unexpected. If I get the opportunity to participate this year, I'll definitely be hitting up everyone here to submit a list of five words, ANY five words, for me to incorporate. In reality I don't expect to actually win anything, but I'm determined to have fun, just the same!

Of course all bets are off if by then I have an actual agent and am a published writer. Other than in the field of news, I mean.

00 had a job interview today with a doctor's office here in town. They made her take a test, which I believe will work in her favor. She's a bright young woman, and as a bonus, virtually the whole office there knows her already. The doctor told her that she should hear back Wednesday of next week (I think) so cross your fingers.

Still nothing more for me, either, but that's all right. I have only sent out my resume to a few places, rather than flooding the world with them. I also know that most companies would rather hire someone who already lives in their area rather than going remote. Not all, but most.

The new kid at work is pretty good, though I thought for a while this morning that she'd already quit. She was an hour late - not a good impression on your second day. But she pulled it out and helped me do a computer changeover this afternoon. I already knew that she was competent. This afternoon I introduced her to the fine art of swearing at the studio computers. We discovered - after pulling the connections, naturally - that the motherboard to the traffic computer isn't marked with ANYTHING. I'm talking not even the brand name, not the power connections, nothing.

There are some extremely tiny electrical plugs that will make the difference in whether or not a computer will even turn on. There are seven or eight little tiny metal prongs, each not much bigger around than a sewing needle. Each plug fits two or three prongs (a few only one) and they're spaced about an eight of an inch apart in rows.

Imagine having to connect those plugs when none of them are marked and every motherboard is different in those connections. It's hard enough when they ARE marked - it's impossible when they're not.

Between us, though, we FINALLY found the corner where the motherboard model number was marked. I was able to backtrack from there, used the model number to find the manufacturer, then went through and found the book tucked into the recesses of a file drawer. We got the sucker done, and it only wasted several hours. Not one female was hurt in the process, though we declared the old computer case DOA.

Stopped by a friend's singles forum. Definitely NOT my cuppa. I still check in periodically out of courtesy, but since it's mostly for Toronto-area twentysomething singles, I am a fish out of water. Nor do I want to return to my twenties, thanks. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.

Argh... The clock is my enemy. I'm going to have to turn in for the night. But to quote Ah-nold... "I'll be baaaahck."

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