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Monday, Apr. 25, 2005
Wheels And Deals


I finally talked with the owner of the radio station in Payson and I have to admit, I'm intrigued. I was only offered about the same amount of money I'm making here - which is admittedly a pittance - but with a few shiny carrots dangling in front of my nose.

Gee, there are always carrots, aren't there?

One, they are literally talking about handing me the keys to the place and telling me it's mine to run as I see fit. They presented it as a challenge. They want somebody who can bring the thing up to speed. I'd be the GM (general manager,) and oh - the match to the money I'm making here? That's base wage, before profit sharing. And the comment I got was, "I'd be THRILLED to have someone working forty hours a week. The person we've got is coasting."

Incidentally, when I go there talk to them, I'm going in to look at the books. I can do bookkeeping and know when a place is dumping a boatload of money into the owners' pockets. Non profit is a figure of speech, believe me. I want numbers so I have ammo, because while they are offering to match my current salary plus some, I intend to negotiate for a higher base wage and/or some benefits.

The format is unique - a very eclectic mix of classic rock, jazz, and easy listening. In the same half-hour set I heard Dylan and some nice cool jazz. Both good, but the styles didn't really meld together well. I can see their point - it really DOES need someone who can pull it together and make the format flow more smoothly.

While I'd be able to do that, it would take a while just to learn the music. They've got about 8000 songs in their rotation! The average station runs nearer 850-1000 or thereabouts.

I love the music, though - it's like somebody lifted most of my favorite styles and dropped them, pixie-sticks-style, into one radio station. Zero organization but a great music base to work from. They do streaming audio - the link is here, if you'd like to have a listen.

It is a little soft, even for me. They need a little more punch, particularly this time of night. If you're not Delilah, you need some bite after the sun goes down.

I checked out a car today, going back tomorrow but taking along my former father-in-law. They want $1100 for the vehicle, cash. I could get it for $1000 but before I plunk down a penny, I want Dad to check it out. I already know it needs at least front tires and a front alignment. If that's ALL it is, I am okay with that. But if the whole front end has to be rebuilt, then no deal, especially since it's a front wheel drive.

Sorry, gwtw, but I can't look at a big vehicle, not if I have to live in the Phoenix metro area for a while and drive back and forth to Payson every day, four hours round-trip. That's simply not doable, not with the price of gas these days. And if I end up driving out of the state instead, I'd worry constantly about the oil issues.

Dad is a wheeler-dealer when it comes to cars. About the only one I've seen who gets better car deals is my baby sister, believe it or not. So if I do buy the car I will likely get it for less than $1000.

I can do a heck of a lot of things. I am good at running a radio station, can play the piano and paint and write. I can sing and can harmonize, by note or by ear. I can write music. I can create a web site and fix computers. But I am not a mechanic and I am the world's WORST judge of vehicles. What's more, I'm sick to death of even pretending otherwise.

So I figured it was time to turn things over to the expert.

Of course it's a Ford. (A Taurus wagon.) I once swore I would never drive another Ford. Then I started driving the rustbucket on wheels and I got a healthy dose of attitude adjustment.

I had nearly decided not to sell my washing machine, thinking if I was only moving to Payson I'd put it into storage. But even if I take the job there I will need the money.

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