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Wednesday, May. 18, 2005
Zippity Do Dah

Ack - long story, I ended up having to drive back to the old place after work. I'm still having to jump through hoops over this @#$%%^ truck.

Don't get me wrong - I love the truck, just hate all of the crap I've had to do to circumvent the fact that I am just starting a new job. It will work out but for the moment it's making me nuts and costing me a fortune in gas.

After two weeks without the 'net, I have to say I've watched more television in those two weeks than I'd watched in the previous two or three years combined. I'm glad to be back online but think I just might cut back on the Internet overload. I am so much more rested now, in spite of going at breakneck pace with the studio stuff.

I'm having fun at work - bet you thought you'd never hear THAT from me! I've been able to begin building a morning show that's really my own, getting the office organized and trying to recoup as much as possible of the things that were NOT done before I got here. I've got guests coming in tomorrow during the morning program, folks that will be talking about the rodeo. While I lost the country music in the move, I am still in Arizona, after all!

I promised photos and you'll get them - but because a couple of them are pretty big files, I'm posting links, rather than the photos. The first one is 57K, so if you have dial-up, be prepared to wait a few seconds at best. The second and third are smaller, both under 30K in file size.

This is a photo taken just outside the door where I work. The mountains you see as a hazy line are part of the Mogollon Rim. Our studios will be moving shortly, which is good and bad. We're going to share space with the area's only other radio station. Fortunately we have very different formats and we already share a lot of things. We've formed sort of a mini-network, in fact, and I suspect that once we move, those ties will only increase.

The move comes because the studio is in rented space and the landlord here wanted to charge another $100 to turn on the cooling system. (The rent is supposed to include utilities.) When the temperature inside approaches 90F, it's time to turn the cooler on, but the building owners thought we were making an unreasonable request.

Even if it wasn't for the fact that people have to WORK there, we're talking about computers running the station - computers don't like 90F and up. Heat on that scale will kill them outright.

The second and third pictures are from the house. The house itself is tiny but it's plenty big for just me and the mosquito population. It definitely took an adjustment, though. My bedroom is so tiny that while it's got a queen-sized bed, there isn't room for ANY other furniture except a small nightstand. No dresser, nada. Fortunately there is lots of storage elsewhere in the house, and while the colors and styles aren't exactly my taste, at least they're livable. (The place is furnished - don't blame me for the fact that everything's done in pink and blue - ugh!)

I will try to get a picture of the computer room tomorrow, barring another crisis. Yeesh.

I will try to catch a few diaries tonight - but most of them will probably have to wait until tomorrow. I have a whooooole lot of catching up to do!

I was planning to do laundry tonight - that isn't happening either. I can't do the late-night thing any more, as I now have to be in to work at 5:30am. Of course, I'm out of there by 3pm at latest, sometimes earlier. So it all balances out. I get out while it's still day and while I can still get things done.

I had hoped to get more photos uploaded tonight but guess that isn't going to happen. I'm hoping to take some pictures of the surrounding area this weekend, barring catastrophe...

Now, on to tackle the massive backlog of diaries! See you around November of 2010 at this rate, HA!

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