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Friday, May. 27, 2005
Scent of a Weekend

It's FRIDAY!!!

I love my job but I'm really tired this week. I am taking off an hour early this afternoon and think I may take a half-day off Monday since it's a holiday. It will depend on how ambitious I am today and tomorrow, because it will basically just entail making a schedule for an extra day rather than leaving it for Monday.

My boss was downright horrified when I told him I was coming in to work tomorrow. I've never seen anyone so afraid I'll burn out and leave. I reminded him that 1) I LOVE what I'm doing now, 2) it was entirely my choice, and 3) this is to help build the station's community presence and hopefully in turn spur advertising sales. Besides which, this is my reputation on the line here, too. I took over a floudering station and I will do whatever I can to capture listeners' attention. Furthermore, I tried to fit this guest in today but we already had a guest scheduled for this afternoon and one this morning.

New Boss doesn't know radio, for starters. Part of his panic is because this station's gone through four managers in less than three years. That's not all that atypical for rural radio, to be honest, unless the owner is also the manager. It isn't even that uncommon for large-market radio to change personnel at the drop of a hat. However, I'm comfortable here and it offers me a lot of opportunity. And if nothing else, I know I'm appreciated!

This after going for nearly a year with virtually nothing on the air except the station manager and our afternoon guy, we now are having to juggle things to fit people in. I reminded New Boss that this is the best possible scenario because it means we're doing things right. He couldn't argue that. He didn't realize that we're booking folks two and three weeks ahead already. As time goes on that time is only going to be moved out.

I've received a lot of positive comments on the changes I've made. I think listeners were scared I'd come in and make radical changes, take away their favorite music, etc. That would be a serious mistake; instead, I have simply done some cleanup, fixing out-cues that are bad, creating an actual format rather than throwing everything together in haphazard fashion, and brought in music we had on the server but weren't playing. (There are still some hours that I don't know the music well enough to effectively format but that will happen in its time, too.) The former station manager was playing oldies in the mornings but focused almost exclusively on the Beatles and the extreme oldies (50's and very early 60's.) We had tons of 70's and 80's stuff that was not getting air time -- Billy Joel, Cindy Lauper, the Stones, and a ton of 60's stuff that wasn't in the rotation, too. I've added those, kept the early stuff, and blended them. It works.

My phone rings every day now with positive feedback.

I'll be glad when we move to our new location, though. I like the view where I currently sit but hate climbing the stairs lately. I don't know if it's osteoarthritis or if I pulled a muscle badly or what. My hip is killing me the past few days, and the staircase aggravates it in a big way.

Hopefully I'll be able to drive to Phoenix sometime in the immediate future. I want to pick up my bicycle. Wish I had it this weekend, as it's only going to be in the low 80's. We're expecting thunderstorms, though, which is uncommon. Normally those don't happen until the monsoons hit in July. If we get more consistent rainfall this year it will go a long way toward obliterating the bark beetle infestation and reducing fires.

There's a wildfire burning now not too far from Phoenix, threatening homes there. Fires in that region aren't generally as extreme and rarely threaten homes because the terrain is so different. But with all of the moisture that fell this past winter, the wildflowers and grass went crazy over the desert and since it's been almost a month since we had any rain at all, added to a recent bout of heat that's considered extreme even for Arizona, and the desert has become a tinderbox.

Darn - my lunch hour is nearly over. I need to get going and drive back to the studios. My schedule is such that I only have two hours after lunch and today will probably only do one of those because our Friday afternoon guy will be in at 2. Since I'm pulling a shift tomorrow my boss more or less insisted that I leave early today.

I am still trying to get accustomed to this whole "don't overdo it, you're too good, I don't want you to burn out!" line I'm getting, but I am not going to argue the point.

I'm assuming my friend isn't going to be coming in from the Valley after all. She was going to phone me last night if she was going to get to come visit, and I never heard from her. Darn... I know it would do her a world of good to get out. She'd been sick for so long and I know it's just plain stress.

Whoops! Looking at the clock, guess I'd better get out of here. Cross your fingers for the thunderstorms we were promised. LOVE thunderstorms. LOVE the smell of the pines after a thunderstorm. Too bad I can't capture THAT and put it online!

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