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Tuesday, May. 31, 2005
Company Coming

My phone minutes are dwindling fast, but it's cool. Called my friend in the Valley* today. She was really down in the dumps, trying to figure a way she could drive up here this weekend. She's trying to fight her way back from a long-term illness and is so broke she can't pay attention. (Gee, not like I have a clue what that's like, eh?)

Tomorrow is my payday and while I've got to drive to Timbuktu to put money into my bank account (and pay my car insurance!) I told my friend LR that I'm going to drive down and pick her up Friday after work. You'd have thought I handed her the winning lottery ticket, from her reaction.

It's nearly like that for her, truth be told. She hates living in the Valley and hates her current job, is barely surviving by living alone. We talked for longer than I probably should have given that I'm still on my throwaway cell phone. In the end we agreed that she's going to start looking for work up here. There aren't a lot of jobs in rural Arizona that pay a living wage, but if both of us are working, we can rent a place together and we'll BOTH be in much better shape financially.

She's more hyper than I am and that would probably make me nuts for a while. Hopefully she'll go zen after getting a job and settling in. She smokes, and I don't - but she already makes it a point to only smoke outdoors, even living alone at her apartment, so we'd be good.

Plus if we were both working we could up the rent another $150 a month, split between us, and rent an actual HOUSE, with each of us paying CONSIDERABLY less for rent than we are now.

We like a lot of the same things, anyway; we both want to go fishing, and would probably go to the movies, stuff like that - and with both of us working and splitting costs we could AFFORD to do those things. Not like either of us has a social life that would interfere!

Truth be told, the station just lost our new saleslady. She decided after a week that the job wasn't for her. Mind you this isn't a stereotypical sales position; there's a $1500 base wage built in with existing accounts (the current salesman is 82 and retiring, he's built that much up working less than 20 hours a week, no less.) It's not hard selling, and the area is absolutely gorgeous. You only deal with businesses. Yes, I HAVE suggested that LR apply. The ad comes out in the paper Friday and she'll get ahold of the owner at that point. I don't know if it would help or hurt her for me to recommend her. I know the owner is leery about hire family, but don't know his stance on hiring friends.

Plus in reality the station is looking for someone with sales experience, which I'm not sure if LR has or not. But LR worked with me at Atrophied Turnips & Titmouses and if you can survive that hellhole, you can do anything!

Tonight's phone conversation got sidetracked a bit, though (not that it ever DOESN'T when it comes to LR.) She mentioned my name where she now works (Addlepated Trollups & Toenails closed our office a few years back) and had a bunch of people turn to her and ask, "The LeiLani from the radio station?"

That surprised me because the station where I used to work doesn't have a signal into the Valley, and I haven't been at this place long enough to really be recognized yet.

But from what LR told me, she gets that reaction on a fairly regular basis, including the response, "You know LeiLani????"

Um... I'm not a high-fallutin' celebrity, y'all. I'm still on a hick nothing radio station in nowhere, USA. Granted, now I'm the manager of a hick nothing radio station in nowhere, USA, but nonetheless that doesn't make me anything remotely resembling a big name. I do believe that the new station (and it IS actually new, has only been on the air for three years) has the potential to do some pretty great things, and in a matter of a week's we WILL have a signal into the Valley, with a new translator going in.

After writing that last line, I find myself suddenly wondering if this is a good thing...

I like my job here and love living here. Notoriety/celebrity or whatever you choose to call it is NOT something I'm looking to add to my resumé. I'd be perfectly happy if we had another morning person on the air and I could just run things behind the scenes. That doesn't look too likely, though, and the reality is that whenever you're live on the radio in an area as large as the Phoenix metropolitan grid, you become a "name," like it or not.

No memes tonight. I'm not normally big on those, anyway, though occasionally they're fun. The marathon one a couple of nights back was really tooooooo much. I honestly didn't think anyone besides me would attempt to tackle 200 questions!!!

Whoops - it's nearly 10pm and I have to be up at 5. Guess I need to wrap this up and head off to bed.

*The Valley refers to the Phoenix area, locally known as the Valley of the Sun.

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