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Tuesday, Jun. 07, 2005
Little Things

I've only got a few minutes (as usual) but figured I should probably go ahead and update while I've got the chance. Got the other half of our software today, and drove over yesterday to see the new facilities. My workstation hasn't been built yet - hope the boss is right about the time it'll take to have it done, but hey, that's not my problem at this point.

It won't be my problem until I show up there and it's not built, though hopefully it won't come to that.

The software IS my problem, of course. I'll be marathoning for the next few days but once it works, I think it will make an enormous difference in my life in terms of the time I spend scheduling. Our current system just isn't cutting it. It's kept us on the air for three years, and that's about all that I can say for it. You have to manually schedule virtually every item, which takes hours. That's where the bulk of my time is spent, in fact.

This is a small station and realistically SHOULDN'T take that long to handle something so basic.

Cross your fingers that this program cooperates. I've got less than two weeks to get it up and operable, have the music indexed and general schedules together. And from my own experience, the most time consuming part of any scheduling software is setting up the original schedules.

Ack... Looking at my watch. I have to get out of here and head back to work; lunch is OVAH!

Quick addendum - I found out why the comments section is hinky. If I don't put a title in for the entry, Diaryland puts in a couple of dashes, and Holoscan doesn't like them.

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