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Saturday, Jun. 11, 2005
Postivus Festivus

Unbelievable! I finally got in to post.

You can tell when the kids are out of school, because for a while there's no way you can get in and add a regular entry unless you're a paying member of Diaryland, and I'm holding off on the renewal.

I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll renew at all, but if so it definitely isn't going to be right now. I don't need the web space for images so the ONLY reason for me to renew is to be able to post at will. Not sure I can justify paying for that right since I do have other web space that I own, on my own domain, and have a journaling site already set up there. It's linked here, on the left, under "Natterings Of A Mad Radio Slave." It is password protected because someone from my old job found this page and I moved my more grumbly rumblings there. (Though it hasn't been updated as frequently as this.)

If I don't post here for a while it's probably filling up there. My regular readers, if you follow me there and don't already have the password, email me and I'll send it to you.

Can you tell I'm really disinclined to renew paid membership here?

When I get paid this week I'm going to be getting my permanent cell phone with a local number (finally!) Alltel has some pretty good plans plus a phone deal where you can get a 99 cent flip phone with a two-year contract. I'm game for that. There are a lot of advantages to keeping a cell vs. a land line; I did that while living in the Phoenix area and LOVED it.

I don't like getting other people's calls (especially collection calls) on my cell phone, though, and getting a prepaid phone (what a friend of mine dubbed a "throwaway phone") gets you that.

Whoever had this number before me had a lot of unpaid bills, apparently.

Not that my credit history is 100 percent spotless, but the past few years I've worked very hard to clean it up and it's been a long time since I got a collection call on my stuff. I guess the average Joe Schmoe who gets these things is a major credit risk.

Oh well, barring catastrophe I'll get the new phone Wednesday or Thursday. I was going to trash the phone I have now but maybe I'll donate it - there's a local program that provides old cell phones as emergency phones to elderly and disadvantaged. They can only use them to dial 911, but they're provided at no charge.

The young woman I hired at my old station is on the verge of walking out. I guess Old Boss is making everyone's life miserable. How sad. She's his best option, especially in that part of the country, and he's jerking her around. She said he's so arrogant he'll treat her like crap, then operate like she's privileged just to stand in his presence.

No, he didn't do that so much with me. I'd have probably slapped him silly if he'd tried that on top of everything else, boss or no boss.

Oh well, if she walks he'll have to find and interview someone on his own and I'm guessing he won't get anyone who's nearly as qualified. Or he'll get someone who will rob him blind, screw up his computers, and God knows what else.

Barring catastrophe I'm going to the Strawberry Festival today, and will return with photos. And who knows? If Diaryland permits me to actually POST again, I'll post them here!

I've got 2-3 hours of work to do today, too. Yesterday was one of those "can't get a blessed thing done" days at work, though for good reason. After my regular air shift I had an interview with a local author. (His book is on Amazon, called "Don't Bunch Up - One Marine's Story." The author is William van Zanten.) Fascinating man; intelligent, well-spoken, funny. He was a delight to interview and may end up doing some work for the station. I would be delighted to add him to the crew. Nice voice, too, by the way.

In addition to the interview, my boss and I spent the day trying to track down why our Gentner wasn't working. In our case, it's a simple machine, about the size and shape of a DVD player, that enables us to put a phone call on the air. Only every time we attempted it we got horrendous feedback that actually knocked the station off the air. We ended up rewiring virtually the entire studio (which was needed anyway) and ended up phoning tech support for the machine.

Mind you, this is about as close to a no-brainer piece of equipment as it gets. You plug in the power cord, plug in your phone line, plug in the phone, and run mic cords to connect to the studio board. It sounds complicated but it's most definitely not.

Turns out the unit itself was bad so we just yanked it and are sending for repairs. It hasn't worked since the day I arrived, so I am assuming the previous manager didn't even try it or simply didn't think it was worth mentioning to the station owner.

Since yesterday was spent on tech/engineering stuff (which I swore I'd never do in the first place) I got nothing else done. That means I get to finish up our weekend programming today. (For what it's worth, I spend the first four hours of my day on the air or prepping for on-air work, and you realistically can't do anything else involved while handling that.)

I also need to run to Wally World today and get some buttons. I couldn't believe it; I hit the button box and couldn't even come up with enough matched buttons to put buttons on one shirt.

I don't know about y'all, but the Button Box is a family tradition in my family. My mom had a HUGE box of every kind of buttons imaginable. Mine is considerably more modest; I have a battered ceramic container I painted myself in the dark ages when my kids were little, and it's only got maybe a couple of hundred buttons in it (and apparently no more than three of any one kind.) Since my kids don't live with me any more, I haven't had to actually scavenge the button box for a while. When I have to sew on a button I normally have the missing one and just add it back.

But I have a camp shirt I love, bought used, that has no buttons at all. I bought it to add when I wear a tank top, but I like the thing for itself and decided to put buttons on it so it would be usable solo.

*Insert rude buzzer sound here.* Wrong!

That's when I discovered that I am in the disgraceful state of not having even a half dozen matching buttons of the right size. Or of any size, truth be told. So I guess I hit Wally World and grab some plain white shirt buttons and probably a couple of other cards or so in various colors.

While I'm there I might also pick some faux leather to trim a purse. I have some fabric I bought a while back with the express intent of making a new purse.

It's been eons ago but I posted here how I hate to shop for purses. Loath the process, in fact. I can never find what I want and on the rare occasion that I do, either I can't afford it or it falls apart in a matter of two or three months.

My plans are to make a hobo-style bag. I want wide enough straps that it doesn't cause permanent indentations in my shoulders (which is why my last purse hit File 13 even though it was in good shape and I paid entirely too much money for it.) I want enough space to put all of my stuff, a couple of interior pockets so I can actually FIND stuff, and small enough so I don't end up overloading the darned thing. You'd be amazed how heavy a digital camera and a cell phone become, especially added to checkbook, a small address book, a bunch of quarters and some pens. Guys, lest you scoff, imagine balancing all of that on one point of your body, for several hours, on a single spot smaller than the width of a nickel.

And guys, I don't want to hear how you find this boring. I can always spot a married woman by the size of her purse. They're huge because your wife is carrying all of the junk you can't fit into your pockets.

The downside to making my own purse is that I do NOT intend to put in a zipper, which I look for if I'm actually buying something. It's a security thing. While obviously nothing is invulnerable to theft, it's a little too simple for somebody to come along and help themselves to what's inside your bag if you have no closure on it. And I hate snaps. They have a penchant for coming undone at the worst possible time and dumping everything from your purse onto the sidewalk - or the floor of a hoity-toity store.

All right, now that I've rambled aimlessly and said precious little, I guess it's time for me to head off and actually get stuff done. Scary thought, isn't it?

Hopefully when I return, the Diaryland glut will have cooled off at least somewhat and I'll be able to post pictures and such. If not, there's always my other site.

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