Radiogurl a la Carte

Sunday, Jun. 12, 2005

As you can see, I've been playing with my template - a LOT - and had no problem whatsoever getting in to work on it. Guess the secret is getting in early to post, before everyone else. That's fine on the weekends but kind of tough during the week while I'm at work!

I made it to the Strawberry Fest yesterday. By the way, I don't think I mentioned, it's held in the tiny town of Strawberry, Arizona. (Naturally.) The festival was okay but can't see going back next year. If I liked strawberries maybe. There were some interesting craft booths. However, given the slim conditions in my wallet at the time, my spending was limited to an overpriced hot dog and a canned soft drink. Both or which were breaking the diet.

To be honest, pricing varied widely. Some things were extremely reasonable, others were ridiculously expensive. I'm posting thumbnails below; as always, click on the small image to see the larger one.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail
thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

That last image is technically not "part" of the festival; it's the side door to the windmill, which I thought was just a cool-looking structure. You don't expect Dutch influence in east-central Arizona, nor a windmill set up in the middle of a pine forest. (Even if, as in this case, the forest is literally downtown.)

The baskets, if I recall, were being sold as pet beds. In fact, there were a LOT of pet-related goodies being sold there. This area is a big tourist draw, and I guess the standard tourist arrives attached to several pet companions who travel right along with them.

I got several things done yesterday; work, the Strawberry Festival, and laundry (not necessarily in that order.) Took me until late, so today I am being lazy, not doing anything terribly constructive except the graphics. I probably won't be online for too long, either, as I'm beat and want to finish reading a book I picked up yesterday at a community rummage sale.

All things condsidered, I guess I'll renew here when I get paid later this week. It isn't that I can't afford it, and it's not like it's exhorbidantly expensive. It just wasn't a priority for me. But as Wenchie pointed out, when you move off of Diaryland it doesn't send out a notification, and I do have several loyal readers. While I can't justify the expense for myself, I'm game for paying the $12 a quarter for my friends who read here.

And fortunately the system was cooperative today. So far, anyway. I've been merrily playing with all sorts of things all over Diaryland and had no problems whatsoever with access.

I got the buttons sewn onto my shirt and am wearing it today. Love it even more than I thought I would. I have also decided that another project this pay period is to get a better button box. The one I have is getting pretty battered. Besides that, it's ceramic and therefore breakable (as attested by several chips I've already knocked out of the lid.) I am thinking of going with an actual sewing box, so I can keep all of my sewing supplies in one place. Right now my embroidery is one place, spools of thread somewhere else, needles somewhere else, scissors... Well, you get the idea. I would love to get my sewing machine fixed and actually do some sewing again. I've got the materials to make a quilt for my friend in Nova Scotia for their wedding gift. I know the colors they like and have already discussed pattern (which will probably be a maple leaf pattern.)

I gave my paints and easel to 00 before I moved. She was overjoyed and I know already that even if I do ultimately paint while here, I will need to move somewhere with more space. Though admittedly, the screened porch would be excellent. I paint with oils and if I paint outdoors there are no issues with the fumes from paint and turpentine.

I'm giving myself another month to focus on work and just veg out after I get home at night, then plan to hit the writing with a vengeance. Work has to take precedence for the time being, simply because of the move and transition in software. I spent virtually all of yesterday afternoon working at the studios simply because Friday was spent tracking down an equipment problem and it takes FOREVER to create a day's log in our current software. Unless I'm much mistaken, the new system will do the work for me in about a tenth of the time, plus it will keep records of what commercials played when - something I'm still doing manually with our existing system.

Well I suppose I should sign off for now. I've been playing around with Diaryland templates all day and my book is calling me. It's nice out so I might drag one of the rocking chairs onto the porch and sit out there to read for a while. Ambition? I don't need no stinkin' ambition!

To paraphrase Crosby Stills Nash and Young: "Just a quiz before I go":

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