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Thursday, Jun. 16, 2005
Head Case

Now that I am marginally more coherent - but only just - I will try to add a brief entry here. Been functioning with a three-day headache, a phenomenon that's apparently spread across the state. I think it's because my ex-boss is driving people nuts and therefore they're whining to me.

The person who took over at my last job has agreed to join forces with my friend from Quebec (and oh, me too) to take out ex-boss. Though long as he doesn't call me any more, I am more lenient. I'm willing to let him live. Unless he keeps driving other people crazy so they call me. Whoops, there goes his safety net.

Actually though it wasn't ex-boss responsible for the call. The new girl was working on a dynamic HTML page and wondered why it wasn't loading like it should. I told her it was probably a function of the router, and she'd probably have to enable the ftp port to make it work. Then we discussed that the automatic page update is a function of the broadcast software they're using, and we determined that it's a hopeless cause on that basis alone.

'Cause y'all know what I think of that software.

I should be working on the NEW software here. I also should've gotten more than just one extra log done today at work, but oh yeah, that three-day headache thing again. It sucks.

I've been burning up air time calling to give my phone number out to family. I still have to call several friends but at the moment I'm more inclined to go into a full vegetative state for the next several hours. I'd be vastly more productive, if for no other reason than it would save a week of cleaning up all the crap I did wrong when working with a headache.

Man... California's getting hit with quakes the past few days. Bigtime. Not that there aren't ALWAYS a bunch of microquakes in California. The map there looks like confetti most days. But this time the confetti pieces are bigger - three events of a magnitude 4.9 or over in just a few days' time. Hopefully it's just the tectonics turning over in their sleep and not waking up to play an exhuberant game of leap-frog. Only with gigantic rocky plates.

Poolagirl, I'm not signing into IM tonight, not with this headache. If I'm still alive in a bit I might phone you, though I wouldn't count too heavily on it at this point. I could've co-starred as a zombie in Michael Jackson's Thriller video, sans makeup, the way I feel right now.

Speaking of the gloved one, who'd-a thunk back then that the scariest thing in that bit of musical filmography was MJ himself - OUT of costume? I can't help drawing a pretty fuh-reaky reference to the turn of phrase "gloved." Oh yeah, I'm definitely working in pain. My sense of humor goes completely wonky when I'm sick or hurting. Must be a form of delirium.

My resolve not to spend money went out the window today, at least somewhat. I ended up buying some clothes. In my defense, it was not something I planned when I got up, but while at work the sweater I was wearing decided to disintegrate. (Which sucks because it was my favorite.) Being the station manager and all, I still don't do naked at work, so I made a mad dash to Wally World at lunch time and grabbed a tee shirt to replace it. While there I also picked up a dressy shirt and trousers I'd been eyeing for a while. I really still need dressy clothes and had been putting it off. And since I had miscalculated my bills (in my favor, thank goodness) I didn't feel like I was being extravagant by spending $40. Considering the price deals I got a few days back, I shouldn't feel guilty about it ANYWAY.

If it weren't for the wear and tear on my system I'd have driven to the Valley to do my shopping. Wally World isn't exactly my idea of haute couture. I need a haircut anyway, and up here the earliest I could get in was Saturday morning. Oh joy.

Ack - time for me to sign off and go lie down. The headache is getting mean now. Time to surrender, I think. Anybody got a white flag anywhere?

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