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Sunday, Jun. 19, 2005
Sunday Daze

For the record, I do know I'm supposed to drink more water. Yes, I really do.

In fact, until recently I had something liquid with me about 99 percent of the time. The only time I didn't was when I was in a meeting of some sort where it was precluded - and sometimes I'd smuggle something in even then.

But living up here, the temperature change is deceptive. My system hasn't caught on yet that the humidity didn't rise with the cooler temperatures. And there's the fact that when I'm working, I actually have fewer breaks than at my old job. The work pattern here is altogether different, throwing off my physiological rhythms.

Yeah, yeah... in other words, I forgot.

Not to worry: now that I'm aware, I'm consciously guzzling the liquids again.

For those dads out there, happy Fathers Day. I suppose I should phone my dad, but darn... If I do that he'll have my phone number, and right now that's something I really don't think is a good idea.

You see, Daddy's new wife, the one he married in December, just walked out on him. I have to give her credit: she stuck around for nearly six months. That's a heck of a lot longer than I figured. My baby sister had it pegged, though. She was betting six months, right off the bat. She won the bet - or would have except none of us was wiling to bet on any longer than that.

And there's another reason I'm not interested in talking to my dad about now. My sis has a new man in her life. I'm more than a little concerned because of the timing but I've met this guy and admit he is a riot: very personable, very sweet guy, and has an actual sense of humor. (Sis's ex had a gaping hole where a sense of humor was supposed to be.) They had some pictures taken together and my sis looks happier than I have ever seen her in her life.

She sent a photo to my dad, and Daddy Dearest snarled that he was "disappointed" because she'd become involved with a black man. And he went on from there; I'll spare you the details, because they really got nasty.

Oh yeah. That'll endear him further to his biological brood, all of us adults who already barely tolerate him. At least I give my dad credit for one thing: he's got being a jerk down pat, in virtually every category.

My sister was, needless to say, really upset. I reminded her of who it was that was griping, and asked her if Daddy's opinion really mattered to her. I also pointed out that given his sense of ethics, his response was possibly the most ringing of endorsements in the real world. And her boyfriend, fortunately, has a sense of humor about it. He knows that the family members who matter to her all welcome him. I said to her what I've said to my kids: I don't care if your skin is purple, long as you do right by my family.

But it gets better. Daddy Dearest advised my sister that really, she should have signed up for eHarmony to find a partner, since that's where he found new wifey. New wifey who had just walked out on him the day before.

Once Little Sister calmed down, that fact dawned on her and we all cracked up. I passed on messages to her boyfriend (who was talking in the background; we were on the phone) to ignore the Darwinian throwback of the family and realize that as long as he's good to my sister, he's got no complaints here. And his family not only welcomed my sis, but the women of his family offered to help kick butt if said boyfriend ever got out of line.

Sis and GuyI mean, I got to the point I asked if this guy's ever considered cloning. He's a real sweetheart and you cannot put a price tag on the look on my sis's face. That's the real McCoy, baby. What's more, I see the same look on his face.

Oh well, time to stop rhapsodizing about little sister's love life. I'm happy for them, really I am.

I'm still half-asleep today and unfortunately have more work to do. I have GOT to get this software set up and working, period. I just hope that it cooperates and I don't end up having to redo it all over again once I get to work and transfer everything over to the main computers!

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In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )