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Friday, Jun. 24, 2005
Trial By Fire

VERY quick update... May be the last I get to do for a few days.

The weekend date is off - I have to call and nix it. We've got fires going all over the place, including one about 9 miles from where I live. So far it's fairly small in acreage but it's threatening evacuations of several homes and of the fish hatchery. We got some rain this morning, which unquestionably helps. Unfortunately the rain's supposed to taper off today so...

I will be on call while this is gonig on, needless to say. I'm glad the new software is working, but as I expected, it's got some quirks and glitches I'm having to work out. Nothing too drastic. Heck, as compared to the fires it's a walk in the park.

Our biggest fire is technically a complex of three separate wildfires with a combined 11,000 acres. Two of those are going to burn together; the status of the third is still in question. But it's a smaller fire that's more a matter of concern because it's a whole lot closer to home and it is threatening the evacuations. It's about 9 miles from where I live so keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't go nuts.

-- I am having to finish this in spurts. The fires are spreading. Fortunately no evacuations so far, and for what it's worth, the place I live isn't threatened by any of the fires going now. Unfortunately every time there's a thunderstorm there's a threat of a lightning strike that can change that in the blink of an eye. And we're expecting storms through at least Sunday. We had 40,000 strikes just on this ranger district in just ONE storm, so you do the math.

I have to sign off now though - it's one of those days...

EDITED to add, had to come back in and change the post name. My comments get all messed up if I let Diaryland put in a couple of spaces or dashes by default, grrr...

Since that's the case I'm copying the comment I DID get here, before I push the button to edit the durned thing.

  • i been listening to you all day so far, and i hope ya dont get caught up in the fires!!! i worked a big fire in idaho a few years ago! it was the hardest work i ever done! email me your stations address, so i can send ya the cd's!!! cross fingers for ya!!
    art | Homepage | 06.24.05 - 1:09 pm | #

Thanks, Art - I'm hoping that we can catch a break but everyone is legitimately concerned...

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