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Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2005
Smoke Gets In My Eyes

Life's gettin' smokey up here. The Cave Creek fire is over 150,000 acres - second largest ever in the state now. As of yesterday it hadn't moved any closer to Pine/Strawberry, which were the biggest concerns. Of course that situation can change in a hurry.

None of the fire officials has been willing to announce a distance from town, though they did say that the fire was just at the outer fringe of the Pine Mountain Wilderness as of last night. That would put it about 16-18 miles away. Of course no telling how far it's moved today. Might be like yesterday, where it gained a lot of ground but didn't look like much on the map. Smoke fills the northwestern third of the sky at the moment, virtually wrapping around us. Fortunately it's about time for it to die down tonight.

This is such a humongous fire that it's perimeter is something like 78-80 miles long. Winds were horrendous yesterday and everyone was worried it would head north and up the Mogollon Rim. For a number of reasons, that didn't happen, thank goodness. Still, nobody's discounting anything. The fire's only about 20 percent contained at last word, and all of that's on the south side toward Phoenix. No containment whatsoever at this end of things.

Ironically, the thing that makes where I live more or less safe is the fact that we've got a buffer zone of area burned by last year's Willow Fire, which got to within four miles of town here. Is that wild or what?

We're finishing our move tomorrow, so I'll be hauling stuff to the new place and putting it together. Tonight, I'm going vegetable, watching televisiom and precious little else, probably going to sleep early. I spent today packing and working a little more on our music, futzing my way through it to try and get the right names/artists and other info on the files.

Oh, and thank you Art for the Elvis CD's! They arrived today and I'll hopefully get the music ripped tomorrow so I can mail them back to you asap. I'm glad to get them. I owe ya, buddy!

Dang... I keep trying to register for a new program we want to run on the station. I already approved it and so did the station owner, but they referred me to their website to sign up and every time I hit the page I get a syntax error. I called to let them know and they just said they'll hand it over to their webmistress. It's been a few days now and still can't access it. I'm really disappointed because I wanted to run the programming; but there's no way I'm going to mess with it if they can't even get the registration page right.

Most of these syndicated programs are literally begging stations to play them, and this one's no exception. You'd think they'd make it easy to get and run them. But nooooo...

I gotta send some voiceover work to a couple of friends. I can't voice everything and the choices in voices in this corner of the world is just atrocious. I have already called in one favor but that friend's moving. A fellow radio slave here on Diaryland offered to help and I'm taking her up on it because this is just beyond insane how bad the alternatives are here. There are basically only two fairly good voices here in town and I'm one of them.

That's not really bragging, it's necessity. I make my living with my voice. It had BETTER be good. But I'm appalled at the overall caliber of voices here vs. what I was spoiled to even where I worked in Globe. I mean, we never had to scrounge for people who could read and whose voice didn't grate on your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. Here, in a bigger town, you'd think that would be even more true, but noooo...

I know I can't cut any kind of a deal with my ex-boss but I think I can probably work with one of the other stations there in town. I have to do something. I've got three sponsor spots that have been sitting for several days now simply because there's nobody around to voice them. It sucketh the big one.

I need to listen to a couple of demo CD's I got the past couple of days, too - musicians (or wannabe musicians) out trying to drum up airplay. Most hover between awful and mediocre, but occasionally you'll find that gem among the chaff.

I fixed a "lazy" dinner tonight, just made some oatmeal. I'd blame being broke but I have stuff in the freezer, just too tired to cook, or at least too tired to cook anything that requires more than a minute or two to finish. I'm out of tea, though, darn it. I've got some cheap tea bags at work and have some decaf instant here at home, but Lipton, no real stuff. I guess I'm going to have to drive to the Valley to get jasmine tea - so far I haven't found it anywhere here in town, darn it. I can find English Breakfast, which I like, but I've been craving the jasmine variety. I think they carry oolong around here, too - not sure, and too tired to chase it down tonight.

I'm beat tonight, so not going to be online for long. I will try to read diaries later but I am going to crash for the moment. I'm just dead on my feet butt.

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