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Tuesday, Jul. 05, 2005
Nuts To You

A couple of friends thumped me on the head last night - proverbially speaking - and reminded me that I'm a flipping INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER. I know exactly how to pull information on people if I so choose. And given the direction things were going with T, I decided it was time to do some digging.

Mind you, this is NOT something I'd do with the average person I speak to, because under normal circumstances I consider it an invasion of privacy. (I'm not typical of reporters when it comes to that, by the way. There are plenty that have zero respect for boundaries. Just an FYI.)

T and I have only had limited contact. I had a first name, a last initial (which I think was actually inadvertent on his part) and a couple of non-residential phone numbers. Thing is that I AM interested - but not if he's married. And my Spidey-Sense was on high alert thanks to some things he'd said - and even more he DIDN'T say. Whereas he has my professional name and could definitely look me up.

Armed with a buttload of suspicion and just enough knowledge to be dangerous, I went on a man-hunt, so to speak.

By the time it was all said and done, I actually did get a little bit of information. Well, okay, a fair amount of information. Without going into too much detail, I now have a last name, some specifics about his job (an area where I keep a respectful distance. I never EVER mess with somebody's work, even when - as in this case - I was told it was all right to phone him there) and divorce history. I know how many kids he has and their ages. And from everything I've found, the man's squeaky clean and told me the truth. I'm breathing considerably easier tonight as a result. Panic not totally gone but certainly subsiding.

I just got a call from Youngest Son. I guess he and his long-time girlfriend broke up - again - but he said he is so miserable he can't stand himself. He's talking about marriage. My only thought was "yeah, and about time." In reality they're pretty young but their single biggest problem is the distance. (She's Guatemalan and only lives here part of the year.) They're both students in the Phoenix area and both work, so their time together is really limited. I'm proud of them both and would be delighted to have her for a daughter-in-law.

I've been pretty fortunate in my boys' choices in companions. My only actual daughter-in-law is just a doll. I still think so and she and my oldest have been married for I think six years now. In fact, if anything she deserves sainthood for putting up with him sometimes.

Okay, I'm rambling in a big way. Guess I'll call it a night. Somebody called from an unlisted number and I didn't run fast enough to pick up the phone. Now it's going to bug me until I find out who it was. If anyone reading here calls me and I don't answer, call again unless you want to make me nuts. (And no wise cracks; I know I'm already nuts.)

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