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Saturday, Jul. 23, 2005
A Ten on the Ick-ter Scale

And today was going along so well...

There was a live group at the studios today - good musicians, very personable, talented, yada yada. I made a special trip to the station for them to do three songs but hey - it was worth it and after I got there I realized I had missed doing something ELSE that needed to be handled asap, anyway.

I came home and finished the new Harry Potter book this afternoon, then got dragged to a free concert here in town. Our new sales lady is persuasive. She wasn't going to take no for an answer. Turns out I am really glad I went - it was the last in the summer series here called "Concert Under the Stars" and this band was truly awesome. I think they were called the Sonora Big Band - will definitely check it out further because they managed to cram a 21-piece band into a gazebo at the park and sound like a much larger orchestra.

I knew most of the music they were playing; in fact, I'd been listening to some of the same music earlier in the day. I was ripping music in for our play rotation at work, but doing so from home. I love the music where I work now; after so many years of country/western, it's paradise to get the mix of pop/rock, adult contemporary, big band, and classical.

The group tonight was playing classics like "The Way You Look Tonight," "Unforgettable," "and "When I Fall In Love." I don't really think of those as big band but they're from that era, so I guess technically they are. If they played "Someone to Watch Over Me" I didn't hear it - that one's a favorite. If I were going to do karaoke, that's the kind of music I'd want to sing. I'd probably be booed out of the place but it would still be my choice.

All in all a fairly good day. I even balanced my checkbook and have more money than I thought - always a good sign. I generally don't keep a running balance when I write a check. When I do I invariably bounce checks by adding wrong. But by keeping track in my head I NEVER bounce checks, because I always round up what I've spent. If I get below a couple of hundred dollars, I start watching every penny to be sure. But I still add in my head, then back it up with a calculator.

When I got home after the concert, I had an email from my ex-boss, darn it. He's asking me to do some artwork for him. (For free, of course.) As if that wasn't nerve enough, he said something about my finding a home (i.e., here in Payson) before age 40 - I emailed back and pointed out that he is off by a bit as I'm 47. I didn't realize he was asking me to actually DO the artwork so I also suggested a couple of ideas for what he wanted, thinking he was going to hire a graphic artist. Instead he mailed back, "Just do it both ways." Ick factor notched up even further when he added something to the effect that if he'd said that (about the age) to the right woman imagine where it would've gotten him.

I really gotta get an unlisted email account.

Backtracking a bit, if you're a Harry Potter fan, the new book is the best in the series. It's dark, and in this case, yes a major character DOES die in the end, as promised. It's setting the stage for huge things in the finale. I have to hand it to Ms. Rowling; while I thought I knew who would die early into the book, there were several options and no matter how convinced I was that I knew, there was always this niggling doubt... And the title, the Half-Blood Prince, carries some pretty significant implications, as well. I won't tell you who the Half-Blood Prince is. I will admit I couldn't guess it on my own and was surprised when the author revealed the answer. Dark or not, this installment also conveys a great deal of heart in its pages. I'd forgotten how easy it is to become swept away by the story. As a children's book it is excellent, balanced between treacly sweetness and over-the-top terror. I personally think we're doing our children a disservice with a lot of the current pablum. Life isn't Care Bears and the Wiggles. Neither is it the blatant sexuality and unceasing violence (despite what the terrorists would like to make us believe.)

Kids these days don't get the opportunity to be kids - to learn the good and bad in natural circumstances. We're discarding the newest generation, throwing them into video games and computers that spit out excellence and vileness back-to-back.

Sorry - didn't mean to go off on that tangent.

My point is that the Harry Potter series is also pretty darned good stuff for adults. The story is rich and engrossing, as smoothe as a bowl of homemade ice cream, and by the time you realized you've learned something, you've finished the book and are wondering how long you'll have to wait to get to the next installment.

Well I'm off to bed for the night. My youngest son called today; he got transferred to another store in another town, and while he has money to move, it leaves him literally nothing for food or other necessities. So tomorrow it's Supermom to the rescue. I will have to write him a check, as I don't have any cash, either. It's either that or wait until Monday and send him a Western Union. I am thinking the latter would actually be cheaper, though. I think it's $15 to send by Western Union, vs. about $25 for the gas for a round-trip. Plus he wouldn't have to putz around getting a check cashed before he could actually get the money.

I don't mind helping my kids when they're legitimately doing everything that they can and it's not going to leave me starving. Youngest Son is the one child who rarely asks for help. When he does, I know he's really desperate.

Wow - two entries in one day. Don't do that much any more.

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