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Thursday, Jul. 28, 2005
Yes I Am Still Alive and Better Than Well

I figured if I didn't post in a day or so I'd start getting emails so I'll post at least a little today.

Yes, T arrived on schedule yesterday evening - technically a little ahead of schedule, in fact, as he was waiting when I arrived and I was actually earlier than we'd agreed to meet. This was the first time we'd met face-to-face, to answer a comment left by Wenchie and a couple of others just a few days ago.

But it didn't matter - the electricity from online and on the phone carried over without missing a beat. I know T's reading here, despite his assertation originally that he wouldn't - I pointed out it's kind of silly to impose any arbitrary restrictions, since he's now moved from just having an impact on my life to becoming a participant in it. If he doesn't know or learn much more than is entered here, then this diary isn't even really a consideration. I was really nervous about he'd react to me - despite all of the weight I've lost, I'm still not a small woman. He told me it didn't matter and I am nearly convinced.

T is nothing if not a charmer!

We met for dinner, talked, then I drove us to a nearby park, where we walked around the manmade lake, enjoying the perfect weather. I felt kind of bad, though - T was attacked by a couple of deadly willow trees at the park. You know how those trees are -- always sticking their branches into other people's business! I think he got whacked in the head by the darned things two or three times.

We're still in monsoon weather in Arizona; the heat dissipated pretty quickly in the early evening, there were enough clouds to keep the sunlight from being overpowering, and there was a nice cool breeze blowing through the area. Everyone we met along the way said hello - one of the bonuses of living in a small town. T commented more than once about how peaceful it is here - and I agree. It's one of many reasons I love living here, as opposed to Globe.

We ended up talking late - too late, really, considering how early I have to be at work and considering he had a 2-hour drive back to the Valley, give or take. But I'm glad - it was worth a little loss of sleep. T didn't complain so I hope he figures it was worth it, too.

Another thing was interesting, too; I watched T transform in much the same way I did when I moved here. The tension left his face gradually, throughout the night. I have no doubt he was as nervous as I was when we first met, though he hid it pretty darned well. I imagine some of the relaxation was simply deciding that I'm not an axe murderer. (What can I say? I hide it well.) But at the right time of the year, right time of the day, this place is heaven, too.

In all fairness to T, I should also point out that I did most of the talking. Hey, I'm female, born into a family of preachers (the class that can out-talk ANYONE) and a disc jockey. Talking is my forte. But I tried to let T get a word in edgewise, at least once in a while. There were a couple of times I even shut up for five whole seconds last night! That's gotta be some kind of a record.

All kidding aside, when I went in to work today I got compliments from several people. One of the guys asked me what I'd done - changed my hair? - but whatever it was I looked good. I didn't change anything, but I was sure as heck smiling all day.

Darn - my Norton's gotten corrupted - I'm guessing it's related to the crapola I downloaded a couple of weeks ago. It gave me an error message then telling me to re-install; this time I'm going to have to actually do it. Hopefully I didn't get the same sleazy POS virus that killed Michael's computer, though from what he told me it's doubtful.

Oh joy...

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