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Saturday, Jul. 30, 2005
Her Geekiness Strikes Again

Well I said in a note to Boxx that I hadn't done anything constructive today but that isn't entirely true. I did finally get my tutorial up on how to create image maps. Plus, my friend Angela showed me a nifty trick with Firefox where you can make rounded corners on tables, like this:

This is just an example. In Internet Explorer (also known as IE) or in AOL or MAC, this table looks like your average everyday box. But in Mozilla Firefox, the corners are rounded. I know it's not a big deal to most people but for me it's the difference in creating graphics to simulate a rounded corner, or using coding to CREATE it!

Sorry, kindly excuse my geekdom. I am also trying to find out if there's a comparable code for IE, though so far I haven't seen anything to that effect. If so I'll be coming back to edit it into this post.

Darn... I was planning to write more but there's a storm coming up and I really suppose I should shut down my computer. I have surge protectors and a UPS but there's still a risk of frying the circuitry. On the upside fo things, it's cooled off already today. That's the best part about the monsoons!

I need to get myself around and go into the studios in another 2-1/2 hours or so. Hopefully the guy shows up who's supposed to do the live stuff tonight, and hopefully he's at least a halfway decent musician. If not, I'll have to shut him down pretty quickly. I never did find the demo CD he sent, sad to say. It got lost in the shuffle when we moved the studios.

I suppose I should go do a load of laundry. I might, too, if I can dredge up anything akin to ambition. Though if the power goes out in the middle of things, I will be less than thrilled.

Mind you, I can be dangerous with laundry. Last time I washed my comforter, I think I fused some of the filling. It's never been the same. I knew I should've laid it out on the porch to dry, rather than putting it into a dryer. It's not unusuable but one corner is kind of scrunched up and has a different texture. The place I'm renting has umpteen blankets and comforters as part of the furnishings, but I really like my own comforter set, for any number of reasons. Oh well... It's still viable as it is but if it starts getting too stiff to use, I'll have to break down and get something else from the same place. They still have some killer deals. I just hate to spend the money!

Well, this entry has rambled on for long enough, the storm is moving in, and I have a couple of phone calls to make, so I think I'm going to call it a night.

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