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Sunday, Aug. 07, 2005
Summer Sunday In The Pines

Man... Sunday already...

Laundry's done and my bed is made with clean sheets, but I still haven't done the dishes or vacuumed or dusted. I'm not your everyday domestic goddess, what can I say? I do try to keep some semblence of order in the house, try not to let the dust bunnies and cobwebs in the corners get TOO far out of control before I go in with whip and chair.

This week's been something of a blur - a good blur, for the most part, just busy as heck. Hopefully tonight won't be quite as frantic as LAST Sunday, when I made a flying trip to see 00 and have pictures taken. I just realized I was only home two nights this week, from last Saturday through this past Friday. That's too much running!

BudOh yeah, I think I promised to post a puppy picture, thinking of the photo binge with 00. This is the little guy that my daughter nursed back from parvo. (That turned out to be the vet's diagnosis.) He's now very loving and all energy, but he's learned that if he whines even a little bit, he'll get picked up. Just like a baby.

It's rainy and muggy out today, which is sort of a change. We've had rain for the past two or three weeks (which is a very GOOD thing) but it's been significantly cooler this week, until today. I figure we're probably upper 80's or low 90's (Fahrenheit) here in the mountains. That's dramatically better than the Phoenix area, where I'm guessing they're in the range of 100-110F this week.

But by the fact that we're going into the second week of August and the monsoon season is still going fairly strong, guess we can't complain much. Normally the rains have tapered off by now or gone entirely. Maybe this year we'll be lucky and get a little precipitation all winter.

Nothing from T this weekend but I've learned that's par for the course (though I did talk to him a couple of times last weekend.) He devotes weekend time to his kids and I'm good with that - allows me the same luxury if I so choose, plus it speaks well of him as a person and as a father.

Probably just as well anyway this weekend, because I'm half-asleep at the moment. I am thinking about taking an hour's nap before I tackle the rest of the housework. If I do, though, I'm going to put a roast and veggies in the oven to cook. There's enough there for several meals; what I don't eat right away I'll stick in the freezer and/or turn into barbecue for sandwiches.

Quick quiz, lifted from art:

Your Summer Ride is
a Toyota Prius

Sure you're a little sensible and quite green But no one enjoys outdoors more than you do!

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