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Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2005
The Ostrich Ogled While I Was Dug In

Did you ever reach the point of flopping boneless to the floor? I'm pretty darned close to that tonight.

Yesterday was a marathon and a half. Work started around 5:30-ish in the morning. I spent the day frantically trying to back up our most critical files. I did NOT finish, but made significant progress, thank goodness. I also did my air shift and all of the normal fol-de-rol and fiddle-dee-dee that goes with it. It was payday so I paid everyone else, but my check is going to be processed by an outside payroll agency. They also handle my benefits, and by using them I can do direct deposit, which is an absolute Godsend.

Originally the plan was that they were going to process yesterday's check for me, or I'd have paid myself in time to make a deposit at lunchtime. But noooooooo... (Said in my best, truly pathetic imitation of Bill Murray in his SNL heyday.) I waited around until 4pm - didn't even get to take lunch, which is becoming the norm any more - until the payroll guy showed up. Then, naturally, he explained that they wouldn't be able to process things until the next payday.

By the time I got out of there it was about 4:30pm - so eleven hours straight, not even a fifteen minute break all day. I had to go ahead and write my paycheck, run it to the bank and make a deposit, go take care of a couple of more small points of business, then go to the first choral society practice of the season. I didn't get a chance to go home from 5:30am-ish to pretty darned close to 10pm.

Former sales guy called yesterday to gripe that he should be getting another paycheck. I don't THINK so, suckah! Once he left, my new sales person and I dug out some old contracts - as in, contracts filed less than six months before I cam into the picture. He'd been screwing the station over royally, screwing over the businesses, and literally half of the folks he sold didn't even know what they'd bought. A lot were angry and a lot of businesses flat-out refused to deal with him because he had a reputation for being a two-bit swindler. Apparently it was a well-deserved reputation.

Now that he's not working for us any more, he's making it a point to badmouth the station, and I'm sure badmouth me too. I knew he had a major 'tude over the fact that his new boss was female, but his prior history - down in black and white, because he figured nobody would bother to check - just shows it went way beyond rampant chauvenistic-pig tendencies. What's downright funny is that a few days ago he came oozing into the studios and literally slapped down a paper on my desk, ordering me to run it as often as possible. The college (and I use the term loosely now that any actual educational value was removed from the equation) hired him to teach a geology class, and he expects us to run the promo as a public service announcement.

I suppose it's apropos that he's teaching geology. He's definitely got rocks in his head if he thinks he's going to dictate what I do with the radio station, much less that he'll force me to run free publicity for his class. (He gets paid on a sliding scale according to how many students sign up.)

Today was its own challenge. I had to sit for a good part of the day twiddling my thumbs. Since our sister station is working under even more crippled status than we've been, I loaned them our recording facilities so they could take care of production. The only critical thing I needed to do today in that department (other than burning backups) was also something they needed to do. Fortunately I'd gotten the most critical of my own work out of the way right off the bat.

The owner of the other station also hit me up for network advice. Part of their replacement equipment will be Linux, and while that was part of his question, the rest was something that I had to refer back to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get their information. We were discussing how he'll link the rest of the computers into the already-loaded network. He wanted to know if he could add a second modem. I had to explain in general how a modem works and that basically, no, he couldn't just add a second modem and expect it to automatically push everything through. Basically, if you have a cable modem, it saves your user information that permits you consistent access. I've always used a single point of contact, a single modem/connection, then spidered my lines off of that.

I also tried to explain bandwidth and several other details of networking, all of which will be immensely relevant if we've got two or three computers downloading massive audio files all at the same time. Which is the plan.

While still there, Youngest Son calls with a minor emergency. Nothing huge but it did entail my driving to the Phoenix Valley after work. Never one to look a gift horse in the lips, I figured I'd see if T could meet me for dinner. I emailed him, then realizing I wasn't going to get an opportunity to actually receive a reply, I phoned him at work. There was a conflict on his end, something unavoidable and while I can't say I was happy, I am not exactly going to raise a fuss when it's something he has to do for work. He's been equally understanding when it comes to conflicts with my work, after all. As it turned out, I wouldn't have been able to do dinner with him, anyway; I had just gotten off the phone with T when 00 called, in tears.

I ended up doing a mad dash to the Valley, then drove back up to 00's place with the thought that she'd be coming home with me. The only question at that point was whether we were talking about her staying for a few days or indefinitely.

But by the time I got there, 00 had decided not to come live with Mom after all, either short- or long-term. She apologized profusely for my making the extra trip. We talked for a while and while I would have preferred to bring her home with me, I also respect her need to make her own decisions. Whether I agree with them or not is irrelevant. She knows I'm here if she needs help. I just don't ever want to get back to the point that she attempts suicide. Two previous attempts were just entirely too close.

So I came dragging home late again tonight - emphasis on the "dragging." See content of first paragraph.

And tomorrow night I'm obligated to attend a Chamber of Commerce function after work. Ugh... This week is going to keep me running right straight into the ground, head-first.

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