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Thursday, Sept. 01, 2005

I am still working this morning but wanted to take a moment to post a link of places where Katrina survivors hopefully will post reports their safety.

EDITED 09/02/05 3:52pm AZ time I am adding several more related links, not just those directly related to survivor databases.

  1. Craiglist New Orleans Survivors

  2.'s Forums

  3. WWL TV forums

  4. WDSU TV message boards

  5. Hurricane Katrina Survivors

  6. N.O. Pundit bulletin boards

  7. Now Public's missing persons board

  8. Salvation Army's information request form

  9. Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog

  10. US Next of Kin registry

  11. Hurricane Katrina Message Boards

  12. Katrina Family and Friends

  13. The Sun Herald "Reach Loved Ones"

  14. Hurricane Katrina Survivor Locator

  15. The Weather Channel Message Boards

  16. Pearl River County Katrina Survivors

  17. Hurricane Katrina Survivors

  18. GCN Survivor Connector Database (alt 1) (alt 2)

  19. Hurricane Katrina Connection

  20. Pensacola News Journal forums

  21. CNN survivors database

  22. (News from Atlanta, GA)

  23. AARL Web (Association for Amateur Radio)

  24. American Red Cross

  25. Americares (Humanitarian Lifeline to the World)

  26. Charity Navigator (How you can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina)

  27. (Federal Emergency MisManagement Agency)

  28. (U.S. Government Official Web Portal)

  29. Fox 16 Little Rock Arkansas (Relief Websites and Phone Numbers for Katrina)

  30. Fox News

  31. Gulf Coast News

  32. Homeport (U.S. Department of Homeland InSecurity)

  33. Katrina Survivors Database (Individual helping here)

  34. KFDM TV (Southeastern Texas station)

  35. KHQ TV (Spokane Washington)

  36. KY3 News (Springfield Missouri)

  37. Light a Candle

  38. Map of Katrina's path (from NOAA)

  39. MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency)

  40. My Louisiana

  41. My Mississippi

  42. My New Orleans, LA

  43. My Jackson, MS


  45. Bush's Battle of New Orleans

  46. Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) (Hurricane Katrina: How You Can Help)


  48. Blog-A-Thon, an effort to raise relief funds by blog. I don't want to post my url there but I do urge my readers to contribute to the charity of their choice. I personally support the Salvation Army because 100 percent of donations are funneled directly to relief efforts, whereas most charities (including the Red Cross) take a significant portion for administration and overhead. The Red Cross also billss families for assistance rendered, even charging volunteers for cups of coffee.

If I have missed one and you know about it, PLEASE let me know and I will add it here. I suspect there are dozens and perhaps hundreds more.

My friend Dee and her family fled the area but now we have reason to suspect they might have turned around and gone back to New Orleans. If that's the case they're probably among the refugees at the Superdome and God only knows if or when we'll hear from them again. I haven't heard anything one way or another from my friend Wesley who lived in the affected region.

Most of the world's population has expressed their condolences and offered help. Some Islamic miltants have instead designated the storm a soldier in their Jihad. I guess there are always the factions who will find glee in other people's grief. The cultural differences and the US-Iraqi war don't do anything to increase compassion there, either.

On a more personal front, the moment of self-doubt has more or less passed. For what it's worth, I had already told T that I'd hung up my running shoes and that while I would unquestionably have my moments, I'm not walking away from him. I meant it and I won't. Yes, there are some doubts and concerns. They aren't out of control any more, though, and they won't be driving me to do something stupid. I believe T really is the best thing to ever happen to me. I've had so little in my life that's been cause for celebration, I'm certainly not going to throw him away.

As for 00, I'm taking one day at a time, as always. I had denied the root of the problem (drugs) for too long. At least now that I finally acknowledged the whole picture, I can hopefully begin to cope a little better.

As to the kids' assessment that I'm cold and heartless, I am just putting them into a proverbial box for the moment. I have been used as a verbal punching bag for longer than I can remember and I don't deserve it. I told them the same and told them that's the last time I just let them spit venom at me. It took me too many years to dig my way out of depression. I still fight it periodically and probably always will. With that in mind, my children aren't going to know where I live for the time being, other than knowing the city. They haven't bothered to show any interest until now, anyway.

If that's cold and heartless, so be it.

Thank you to everyone who's posted encouragement here. I don't always reply to you directly but every word means a great deal to me. And thanks for the occasional scolding - like telling me not to post. I thought the stress of the past few days was unbearable. Then I read Michael's diary and was reminded in no small way to count my blessings...

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