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Friday, Sept. 02, 2005
Hard Scrabbled Happy

First - I have added SEVERAL more links on my Hurricane Katrina entry and added a link to it on my page at left.

Second, I let out a couple of whoops of joy today when my friend Dee finally called to say that they're all right, and I got an email regarding additional friends, most of which was good news. I wish I could say there was 100 percent good news, that folks presumed gone showed up alive, that no one was still missing or gone. That isn't the case - but for now I'll rejoice in whatever good news I can get.

I hope that the American people as a whole demand one hell of an accounting for this situation. I think that there should be a criminal liability when negligence on this scale results in countless unnecessary deaths.

I don't blame our government for the storm itself. That was out of anyone's control. I don't blame the government for the lawless domestic terrorists that substantially exacerbated an already horrendous situation. (And I hope to God that those responsible are treated like terrorists if they're not shot down by National Guard - which I frankly condone in this case.) I don't even blame the government for the breaches in the city's levees, though there's reason to point fingers.

What is unconscionable is that it took the better part of a week before emergency supplies were delivered and that people died for lack of basic life-and-death necessities. Yes, I understand that the roads were impassible, but helicopters could have made drops of food and water at central locations - and should have - within 24 hours of the storm. It probably wouldn't have stopped all of the looting but it would have lowered the bar of desperation considerably.

I honestly don't blame the government for not sending in the National Guard sooner to control the looting, despite some criticism to that effect. The truth is that no one was sure of the extent to which the city would be flooded.

The prolongued inaction smacks of attempted genocide, not just routine government negligence, especially in light of the claims that Homeland Security played out PRECISELY this scenario in an exercise. They looked at all of the things that happened, including the breached levees.

Most were poor folk who didn't stay behind because they were cocky and decided to sit the storm out. They were people who had no way to leave and nowhere to go if they did leave. Most shown on the news have been black. I don't pretend to be a mind reader, but if GW Bush's actions have any bearing on his thoughts (or lack thereof,) his traipsing around to smile and shake hands for the first couple of days said he didn't think all those poor black people were worth making a fuss about.

It's consistent with his overwhelming sense of entitlement. Remember his boast that America had given him a mandate? I would hope that America does indeed give him a mandate in light of this fiasco, in combination with the Iraqi war. The new mandate should be just four words: "GET OUT OF OFFICE!" Of course, if someone added, "ASAP!" to the mix, I wouldn't argue.

I just hope nobody assassinates GW Brush(off). He doesn't deserve martyr status.

I'm taking all three days of my three-day weekend for Labor Day. I wish I could spend some of it with T but I left a message for him and haven't heard anything back. I'm assuming I probably won't. I virtually never hear from him on weekends.

Y'all will have to use your imagination to insert one hellaciously big sigh of resignation about here.

With gas prices skyrocketing there's not going to be a lot of traveling for me, anyway, and can't expect it from T either. Life is what it is. And as I said before, I'll take whatever good I can get, even if it's in short-lived moments scrabbled together at the last possible second.

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