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Sunday, Sept. 04, 2005
Rocks In Her Head

This is my second entry today - you can ignore the previous one if you like. Heck, you can ignore them both if you like, I'm not picky!

Windmill FieldI actually did get out and get some of those photos I'd been promising to take. I also discovered that hidden on my camera were a couple of shots I took during the big storm from three weeks ago, the one that took out a bunch of equipment at the studios with a lightning strike. It was obviously nothing in comparison to the devastation in the southeastern US, but I figured I'd post this anyway. I was sitting in the parking lot at the bank when I snapped this through the front window of my truck. What you can't see is the hail that started hitting within about 60 seconds of that picture. Visibility dropped to nothing for a little while.

The other two pictures were taken today, from right around where I live. I've been itching to take a picture of this darned windmill forever, just couldn't get my butt in gear to do it until now. I should probably have put in a closeup of it, but that would've requiredWindmill Fieldsome forethought. Apparently I'm pretty short on that lately. Or I'm distracted. Whatever.

It was nice out most of the day, hit mid 80's or thereabouts. Threatened to rain for a while but I don't think it ever actually did anything more than sputter a few drops that splashed the windshield. I found a $20 bill in my wallet and put that into the gas tank, so I'm sitting fine for fuel now. Still not getting 00's dog. In fact I'm really not of a mind to do anything else to help her until she makes some changes in her life. I can't keep doing this.

Diamond PointThis photo was taken along my route home from work. The small peak just to the left of center is known locally as Diamond Point. I'm not sure where the name originated but wouldn't be surprised to find it came from the quartz crystals that wash down every time it rains. Most of what you find are tiny things. My friend M has found a couple of enormous ones, though. And yes, that is where we went when we had to hike down to get a spare set of keys.

Fortunately it's a beautiful spot and the temperature wasn't horrible. I'd hate to hike it when the thermometer is in the 90's or above!

I was going to link to an old entry when I came to realize I don't think I ever wrote about the key incident and its associated little detour.

Shortly after my new sales manager started work, she talked me into going rock-hunting with her. The best time to hunt crystals and whatnot is on an afternoon after a big rain. They wash down the gullies and streambeds and you can generally spot them sticking out of the soil. Most of them you can just pick up. A few of the larger ones are embedded in the sand and you might have to do some minor digging to get them out. We're not talking about a mining expedition here -- just a couple of women hiking and pretending they're going to find something interesting in them thar' hills.

We did our hike and were set to head back home when M discovered she'd lost her keys along the way. It was by then somewhere around 5:30, maybe 6pm, so we knew if she dropped them on the side of the mountain, we didn't have a lot of time to find them before the sun went down. We traipsed back along the path we'd taken and came up empty - twice - before I looked in her truck and realized that she'd locked them IN the truck. We both have cell phones but they too were locked in the truck. In all fairness, the cell phones probably wouldn't have worked from there anyway. It's pretty far out in the sticks and I think the elevation puts it out of range of the local cell towers.

Poor M was just beside herself. Here she was, on the job a little more than a week, took her new boss out rock hunting and we were forced to hike a few miles down the mountain because she locked her keys in the truck. She was nearly in tears at one point, even though I repeatedly told her not to be upset. 1) It was an accident and 2) she was walking next to the QUEEN of locking the keys in the car. Granted, it's been a while since I did that, but I used to be the world's worst. I think I convinced her about the time we found a cabin where someone was actually home and had a phone. Even so, she arrived at work the following morning and plunked down a bottle of Tylenol and a can of Coke on my desk. It was a joke - I'd made the statement I was going to need the world's biggest bottle of aspirin the next day because I was going to be sore from all the walking. The Coke was just a bonus peace offering.

As it turned out, I wasn't sore and nobody got hurt and nothing was lost. We both had a big laugh over it and the only remnant is that if we go anywhere I generally drive now!

Okay, that's got to be the end of my grand adventures tonight. I'm working on a headache and should probably head for bed before it gets any later. I just keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason. I hope.

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