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Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005
The Spoof Is Out There

Somebody else was saying how boring their life was. Hey, it's all in how well you can BS, right? And I'm the queen of that.

The reason I pulled up that specific reference was that in talking with someone today, she referred to the female "BS-o-meter." She told me I should start paying closer attention because it's generally right. This was just before she became the second person this week to invite me to the local Spirtual Center.

Now, my views on religion and spirituality are kind of off the beaten path. I'm just not sure how far off at this point, and not all that positive I'd be comfortable in a new-age free-for-all. There are some lines I most emphatically refuse to cross (ouiji, tarot, wicca) though I don't judge those who do. There are some where I am curious but not a believer (reincarnation/past life regressions, channeling) and a few areas considered metaphysical where I think I'd be comfortable in conversation (precognizance, superhuman entities) and believe they're real. Now allowing that I believe some of these scenarios have a basis in fact, there's a whole lot of degrees of conviction.

For example, I believe in UFO's. I believe that there are absolutely Unidentified Flying Objects. There have been too many reports from too many sources, not the least of which is an incident over Phoenix just a few years back - with literally thousands of witnesses, including news teams.

I don't necessarily rule out extraterrestrial origin, but I also don't make that automatic assumption. Nor do I arbitrarily subscribe to memories of little green men (or gray or whatever) that do weird experiments on human subjects. I'm open to listening to recollections. I'm also open to considering the possibility of mass hallucinations. I also have to allow for other possibilities. There are people for whom there was tangible evidence that something happened to them. They had metal rods embedded in their brain; they had physical marks where something pierced their skin.

Given our own country's less-than-exemplary history of experimenting on its own people, I can't rule out some government agency playing on public perceptions. Throw in hypnotic suggestion and a few nice drugs to enhance the effect, and voila! The world according to G.W. and the Bushwhackers.

A little too X-Files for you? Well, consider the alternatives for a while. Yup. Thought so. You can get back to me later on that.

Oh, and the military had an official explanation for the Phoenix Lights. It took them about six months to cook it up and even the news people reporting it burst into laughter when they read it on the air. I gotta tell you, everybody's BS-o-meter was on overload that night. The military claimed that the lights were a single rogue pilot playing around.

Shall I recount all of the reasons that the military was full of BS?

  1. News teams had video footage from multiple sources. Since the video was shot at night, there were a few questions that were unclear - including whether this was one large (estimated a mile end-to-end) craft or a group flying in formation. There were 9 lights forming a perfect "V".

  2. The object hovered overhead in absolute silence. Helicopters can hover but the military claimed that this was a single plane. Presumably of the silent variety... And with the ability to hover... and about a mile from end-to-end. (See that BS meter spiking about now?)

  3. The military had already denied having any planes in the air the night that all of this went down.

  4. If I remember right, the information that hit the airwaves during this fiasco was that the military was scrambling fighter jets to protect Phoenix from whatever was out there. I know that the governor held two press conferences following the sighting - the first one apparently serious in claiming he would get to the bottom of things - the second one tongue-in-cheek and pissing a whole lot of people off.

  5. The craft - or whatever it was - meandered over the Valley for about 2 hours or so. Incidentally, the Phoenix valley is a large basin - perhaps forty or fifty miles or so north-to-south, and roughly seventy miles east-to-west, from the Estrella Mountains at the far west end to the Superstitions at the far east.

There's one piece of humor in all of this - something that set me off giggling. CNN's page has a video link. Trouble is, when you click on the plugin, it tells you no can do.

It took me a while to figure it out...

The news article was from 1997.

The report employed video technology from Windows 95! My XP just snorted and turned up its nose, and Mozilla asked me what the heck I was trying to do. Kind of like trying to use a CD player to play an old vinyl '78 record.

Okay - I really didn't intend to get this far off the subject at hand. Backtracking a little, I'm kind of obligated to go to the Spiritual Center this Sunday. One of the (parishioners? practitioners?) volunteered to pick me up and take me along.

I may have to go out of town unexpectedly.

See how easy it is to tell the future sometimes?

Yeah, yeah - that was a joke, okay? Yeesh.

Anyway... I do believe that there are moments of legitimate precognition. Michael and I have discussed things of that sort in our respective diaries, and have emailed a couple of times along those lines. We both know some basics - not the least of which is, it's not a consistent thing. You can't control it. You may get a flash of insight that arrives with absolute (and sometimes horrifying) clarity, but you can't concentrate to find out who'll win the next heavyweight bout and by how many points. Doesn't work that way. You also can't predict the winning lottery numbers.

You just have to go with the flow, I guess. Michael foresees some more killer hurricanes this season - I do think there will be another named storm or two but don't arbitrarily see them as killers. But I see other things, including a major earthquake within the contiguous US. Not like that's a big surprise. Scientists have been predicting it for years. I just see it on the Eastern seaboard* rather than the West Coast.

It's probably pure imagination, so don't sell your penthouse in Manhattan just yet. Though I'd frankly sell your penthouse in Manhattan for other reasons - like not wanting to live in such an enormous megalopolis.

But I digress. Again.

As to past lives, I've discussed this with a lot of people. I am not athiest. I believe there is a God. I don't believe in multi-theism. I believe that human beings have souls/spirits that exist both within and without our corporeal bodies. I figure that could account for auras, though I've never seen one and that's another nebulous area for me. (Pun? What pun?) I have some other theories beyond that, but I'll keep them to myself. I'm already pretty "out there" tonight as it is.

This entry has alternated between the serious and the tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek. I leave it to you to figure out where the line is drawn. It might not be where you think.

I was going to follow one more tangent but I think instead I'm going to call it a night. I am beat.

* Not unprecedented. There was a quake in Maine just a few days ago and have been several across the Canadian border in the region south of Quebec, including a 1925 quake of a magnitude 7. There have been quakes recorded in New York State also in the range of 7 magnitude.

Before - After

In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )