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Sunday, Oct. 16, 2005
Go Fish This

Imagine a New York accent, a là Joan Rivers or Richard Simmons (whose voices are interchangeable, by the way. Listen to them back-to back. Betcha can't tell who's who. Go ahead. I double-dog dare you.)

"Can we talk?"

You know, some weekends are just meant to be lived from the comfort of your sofa. I worked late Friday night so I WOULDN'T have to work yesterday and today. Took off yesterday on time, heading for the Phoenix area, but checked the mail before heading out and got a card reminding me it was time for an oil change. Swung by Jiffy Lube and got that done, only to be told that the vehicle has developed new engine and transmission leaks. Must be minimal because there was no fluid loss - both were full without my having to add anything since last oil change. Still, I kept seeing dollar signs just ahead of me, flowing out through a vortex of future car-suck.

Drove to the Valley, phoning my sis just as I was heading into town. Started the call while I was still in the mountains, so got cut off several times and reception was less than stellar. Discovered through all of that, my sis had to work all day, told me to call her around 5-ish if I was still in town.

Did NOT find the chair I needed for the studios, unfortunately. The only sturdy desk chairs have arms. The only armless chairs I found were not going to work for a portly man of Afternoon Guy's generous design. So that part was a bust. That non-discovery took up a heck of a lot of time before I finally threw my hands up and conceded defeat, at least for the moment.

Did NOT get to the movies. Did some personal shopping, couldn't find what I actually wanted but found some semi-acceptable alternatives. Got phone call from one of Bachelors, set up to meet him at a neutral spot, a local fast-food restaurant. He showed up looking at his watch and informing me he'd left his nephew at the movies to come meet with me and would have to go pick up said nephew in a few minutes.

I asked him how old the nephew was. He said 30.

I kid you not.

What's more, Bachelor dude wanted me to hang around so he could spend more time with me, but had to get rid of his 30-year-old nephew first. But he didn't want to tell the nephew he was meeting a woman.

Gee, does anyone besides me find that story a bit odd? I allow that family dynamics vary from one family to the next, but this is supposedly a thirty-year-old man with kids of his own, and the uncle can't tell him he's meeting with a woman who's here from out of town?

I putzed around for a while longer, went to another store, decided I would see if this guy was for real. I think it was more boredom than true interest by that point. Unfortunately during a side trip to the restroom, my cell phone was dropped into the bowl. The phone objected to immersion and beeped and squawked its protests aloud for about half an hour afterward, until it finally died entirely. Oh joy. I have insurance but in the interim have no home phone.

Since I had no phone then, there would be no calling my sis, either, so I just drove home and chalked up the crossed-paths with Bachelor dude as probably saving me from a fate worse than a Britney Spears marathon.

On the upside, Bachelor Number 4 is actually articulate, garrulous, and -- at least initially -- intriguing. I figured by the law of averages, sooner or later I'd accidentally encounter someone who's viable. If his emails are any indication, this person might fit that description. We shall see. I'm becoming nicely blasé about things now. Maybe that's a good starting point.

By the way, we're up to lucky Bachelor Number 7 for the week, I believe. This time I put a block on anyone who says on their profile that they're married or refusing to say, plus several other filters. Doesn't have a block capability for pathological liars, unfortunately. Guess they're still working on that one.

EDIT: I got the phone turned back on today. When it landed, it was wearing a case and I fished it out tuit suite, so was hoping that after it had a drying-out period it might work. So far, so good. Now if I can just get my domain email to cooperate. It seems to have also developed a tic this weekend. I can download email to my POP3 client but can't access webmail. :(

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