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Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2005
Diamond Star

Grrrr.... I HATE it when my browser crashes in mid-post. Not to mention mid-everything-else.

That whine out of the way, as of today I officially live in the town of Diamond Star, Arizona. The last "i" was dotted and the last "t" crossed, and the seven interim council members appointed to officiate over the town. The council will then hold an election among themselve to choose a mayor.

Until today, I didn't realize how many people were involved in this deal. It's a huge tract of land, essentially encompassing everything between the Town of Payson and USFS boundaries - extending pretty far up the Rim, actually. We're a town of (I think) something like 4000 people, making us the third largest municipality in the county. Incidentally, the "4000" number is low, if anything. Someone said nearer 5000.

It's really interesting to watch the formation of any new government. You see the people involved BEFORE they become entrenched bloodsuckers politicians. And in all seriousness, it's a pretty momentous thing overall. You can read the newspaper story here if you like. They didn't have much that I haven't already covered in my entry, other than the names and pictures of the council members, but you can get a little idea about the area where I live, just the same.

Thanks to the lovely crash, I'm up considerably later than I'd intended. That means this is going to be a pretty short entry, ending right... about... now.

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