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Friday, Nov. 04, 2005
The Semi-Return Of Tall Guy

Good frigging grief. I don't know how many times I've tried to update today. It's been one of those days when everybody and their brother phoned, stopped by, caught me in the hall, whatever.

Now, mind you, it wasn't all bad; but all of the various interruptions meant I was pushing the absolute outer limits of time. I was supposed to be off work this afternoon at 1:30. In reality I got out of the studios a little before 2 - then went back at 4-ish, and finally got to come home again around 6:30-7. Technically I need to go back tomorrow sometime to record a promo, but the heck with THAT. It can wait.

Part of the deal was talking with a non-profit agency that wants me to do a deejay bit for them. Now, unlike about 97% of pro jocks out there, I don't do parties and the like on the side. My afternoon guy does a gig at a local historic saloon, one of the guys from the other station has a band that plays bars and he does his disc jockey thing, too. But me? No. I don't do bars - definitely not my thing. But this is a civic event in December, sponsored by the town, and they specifically wanted me. Plus, one of my friends is bribing me, lol.

Long and winding story, boils down to this. I'll work two or three hours for free (which they need,) representing the radio station; in exchange they're giving me some kind of gift certificate - hopefully to the local grocery store, one of the possibilities that was mentioned. Best of all worlds: I get paid more per hour than my regular job and it's tax-free. And if it's to the local grocery store it's good as cash in my book.

Incidentally, they approached my boss first and he told them they had to find a way to pay me before they asked me to come in on one of my days off.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, my ex-boss sent an email today asking me to phone home asap. (So to speak.) He fired the person who I hired to replace me, and he hired Tall Guy to replace her. If it had been anybody else, I'd have probably just said I was too busy - but what the heck... It was Tall Guy we're talking about, here, lol. My crush on him goes way back. Plus, with him I didn't have to do a lot of explaining - he knows computers better than I do, and knows ex-boss's computer network. I just told him where to find system passwords and walked him through some simple changes to the web page.

But while I had him on the line, I was smart enough to TELL him I'd had a crush on him.

Oh yeah, there was a loud screech of mental brakes and instant backpedaling at his end of the line. Once the panic gears were fully engaged, I knew I could rest easy. I probably won't hear from him again for a long, long time, if ever. Bwahaha, sometimes the best defense is a little female aggression!

And what the hey - if he DOES call again after I told him that, so much the better!

If all else fails I'll pull out my ultimate weapon: if he wants me to do him a favor and help out with the ex boss's business, I'll be calling in favors on the personal side.

Yes, I know, I'm awful. But at this point I'm also tired enough and fed up enough that I don't really care.

Wenchie told me the blue template was too chilly for this time of year and I have to agree. I will probably keep playing with this, but it's chilly enough outside, even here - I don't need to make my diary look like Jack Frost hit the windows!

Besides, the colors I'm using on this version are among my very favorites - so why not stick with 'em while the season is right?

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