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Monday, Nov. 07, 2005
I Dedicate This PITA Award

Okay - now that I'm home and have the luxury of a fairly steady Internet connection (albeit an annoying glitch in the PC,) please allow me to clarify my previous post.

The new person who contacted me didn't ask me to relocate now. This was only in an "if things work out" scenario, down the proverbial line. I am not dropping everything and quitting my job tomorrow to run to someone with whom I haven't even spoken on the phone, nor extensively in email. We're still in the hypothetical stage of things. And in terms of why would *I* relocate vs. *him* relocating, it's a combination of finances and logistics. The money, house, and child still at home are on his side of the equation. My kids are all grown, I don't own much more than my computer, the clothes on my back, and my truck. It just makes sense, all things considered. Aside from the fact that I won't be moving my fat heine anywhere unless I am pretty damned sure it's for a long, long time, a move might give me the opportunity to pursue the writing, after all this.

This same person fired of a couple of other questions that I had to give considerably more thought than the one about relocating, anyway.

Hypothetically speaking.

I am not jumping into anything, one way or another, when it comes to relationships. We're merely discussing future possibilities IF anything comes of this. And after the past few months, pardon me for not holding my breath for anything or anyone.

In terms of the rental house, though, it's virtually a done deal. The landlady will be my neighbor and she specifically sought me out, ASKING me to rent the home where she now lives, because 1) I don't have any problem with her three dogs, which are absolutely gorgeous, loving creatures; 2) I am a responsible person who will pay the rent and take care of the place; 3) I won't keep them up all hours with loud music and/or television; and a host of other reasons. Meanwhile, I am overjoyed to be able to rent a house for the price she's asking. Houses here are relatively cheap to rent, compared to the Phoenix area - but you get what you pay for, in general. This place, on the other hand, is a well-made home, very comfortable, and the rent is frankly dirt cheap.

They're building what will be a gorgeous house next door. It's all framed out and has the plywood shell in place. I got a walking tour yesterday. There will be a humongous entertainment center - fills an entire wall. (It's already framed out, too.) There will be a wood stove, vs. a fireplace; and the new place will have three bedrooms plus an office, where their current home (the one I intend to rent) has two bedrooms.

I'm not sure of the square footage of either home - compared to Nicim's current place it's miniscule - but to me, especially in comparison to some of the places I've lived, it is a veritable mansion.

And since my friend's hubby is a contractor and built both homes for them, it's uber-insulated and rock-solid. Given the numbers on my most recent electric bill, and considering it's only now the first part of November, that's saying a lot.

In other matters, it's GOTTA be a full moon. I don't know whether it literally is or not, but everybody's on a binge of supreme cruelty and stupid-itis. I have friend A who went off on the entire planet, declaring that she hated all of her friends, yada yada yada. I got asked about it yet again - I just said this time I'm staying out. In fact, I was already so far out of that loop that I didn't get included in the email slam-fest, which is just peachy with me. Sometimes the only way to deal is to walk away with the utmost calm, leaving the former friend to handle things entirely on her own. And acquaintance B - not my close friend but a friend of a friend - pulled a near-perfect copycat of friend A, just did it to someone else.

You know, if you're going to screw someone over and become physically or verbally violent, throw their offers of help back at them while shrieking about what bitches they are, you're really messing up future chances that they'll bail you out again when you're desperate. You'll probably be forgiven the first time. But by the second or third, your tearful whining is going to attract flies, yawns, and practically nothing else.

And no - before anyone bristles up, the aforementioned reference isn't about anyone on Diaryland. If you see yourself in this, I suggest you examine your conscience. I don't know of anybody here on Diaryland who qualifies for the PITA (Pain In The Ass) Award.

Well, maybe one person here, now that I think of it... Just nobody you're likely to see posting to my diary at the moment.

For now, I'm going to sign off, chew a couple of melatonin tabs and curl up for about 12 hours of sleep. I think I am way, way overdue.

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