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Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005
Gimme Pepperoni With That Attitude

There was SUPPOSED to be a new guy here this afternoon so I could train him. It had been cleared by both me and by the station owner. For the last few days, I kept expecting the guy to come in and learn the board, considering he's never used either this specific board or our automation software.

Finally he called me this morning, phoning in on the line for the other radio station (which does NOT have an extension in our studio) and told me he plans to go on live this afternoon with his feature show. He said he'd be here around 1:30 to go over the board and such.

Does anybody besides me see a leeetle bit of a problem?

This is the level of arrogance you deal with when people think they want to work in radio. There's this universal assumption that it can't be all that hard to talk and be entertaining, without a single thought that it's a heck of a lot more to it than smiling into a microphone and collecting groupies. Not to mention his conviction that he could just casually dictate to his boss that he'll show up at XX time to learn to do his job.

This isn't a kid we're talking about, either; he's a retired police investigator, gone to broadcast school, has a marginal voice, zero real on-air experience and enough attitude to fuel six teenagers for a month or two. I tried calling my boss to let him know what was going down. Unfortunately he's at the doctor's office for tests, so all I could do was leave a message with his wife and tell her that if this guy isn't here within a few minutes I'm going to tell him he's not going on the air tonight. I don't like putting the brakes on something like this that's already been approved, but as station manager, ultimately I'm responsible for what hits the air. I wouldn't even let a seasoned jock on the air without taking the time to walk him through running the board.

Meanwhile I'm hoping to get something done to my hair this afternoon, if I can get in anywhere. I was going to make an appointment at my salon, but their phone is now disconnected. (Yeah, it's been one of those wonderful days all the way around.) The wait times for other salons is as long as six weeks... which means either I get to drive to the Valley and go to a Super Cuts-type place (if I can even get in there) or just deal with the Wally World salon here.

No matter how tempting it is to just throw up my hands and take the scissors to my hair, myself, I figure this mess is bad enough already without that added measure of bad judgment. So I'm more or less stranded, forced to rely on the good name of Wally World couture. Then again, not sure it's possible for even them to botch it up much worse than the last cut I got.

Thank God at least the flu bug seems finally to be waning. And I'm not the only one bitten; my bookkeeper called in sick yesterday, so I had to do our mid-month bookkeeping and a deposit to cover payroll. Just one more thing I didn't have time to do. I had to set aside production yesterday, then set it aside again today to make time for the half-wit who was supposed to have been here forty-five minutes ago.

I am not amused.

Normally when I put an entry into Diaryland from work, it's done in short spurts between other things - a sentence while on hold on the phone, a paragraph or two while waiting for pre-produced programming to transfer and/or record, things of that sort. I don't like having to sit on my thumbs waiting for someone who doesn't show up, even if it permits me the luxury of sitting down and writing a complete diary entry without interruption.

Also got another email from Mr. Complicated. (We're back and forth daily so I was expecting it.) He typically sends his messages in a text-format attachment. In keeping with the day's pattern of absolutely NOTHING working like it's supposed to, he forgot to attach the text file. Urg.

Geez Louise... I'd better not buy a lottery ticket today. The lottery association will bill ME $10 million.

I'll phone Mr. Complicated tonight, barring catastrophe - like everything else about the day, it's kind of an annoying situation, but hardly the end of the world. I'm most definitely not cooking tonight, though. That would entail turning on the stove, and on a day like today, that's inviting trouble. Diet be damned, I'm ordering pizza!

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