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Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005
One Flu Over The Cuckoos Nest

Did you hear the squeal of pure joy a short while ago? (No, it was NOT a moose that ate some bad cheese, thank you very much!) That was the sound of Radiogurl opening up a perfectly WONDERFUL, SCRUMPTIOUSLY LOVELY gift from the one and only hissandtell! I will tell you what she sent, but can't do so until after the trip to poolagirl's next weekend to see her play. No doubt the followup to this trip will include pictures, because I have a sneaky feeling that my threats will not deter some snap-happy friends from thinking it's a good idea to capture my ugly mug in a digital image.

*Snort* O ye of little idea what ye be doing. You risk camera breakage from such mug shots. Not from my hands, but from the sheer ugliness of it. Remember, I out-uglied dangerspouse way back when I started this diary.

Today was another seesaw day. Fortunately I was feeling better overall, though I was also very glad that New Guy was in again. Not only am I more confident in his ability to handle things, but it again gave my voice a break. Not like I was exactly resting it tonight. I spent more time on the phone with Mr. Complicated. He was pretty depressed. Can't say I blame him. His laptop just took a nosedive, and since it was the hard drive that went, it took out absolutely EVERYTHING he had, including some files going back about ten years. He said he knew it was going and had already planned backups. Unfortunately the crash preceded the backups so it's pretty much irretrievable.

I'd have a coronary if I lost my hard drive and knew I probably wouldn't be able to replace it for several weeks! I do back up my information periodically but I should probably do another backup soon, just to be on the safe side, even though it hasn't been too long since I changed out my hard drive. Better safe than sorry.

My friend M just joined a local civic organization and literally her first day as a new member, she won a $600+ jackpot drawing. She took me out for lunch today and we celebrated as much as was possible for the middle of the day when both of us had to drive. I am tickled to death for her - couldn't happen to a nicer lady. (Not just because she took me to lunch. I'd treated her to lunch a couple of days ago. We've been switching off buying lunch ever since I met her.)

I finally heard back on one of the websites I'm building. I have been working on revisions tonight but was told I can pick up a check next Tuesday night, WOOHOO! That means the trip to San Diego will be a lot more comfortable. I was going to go, one way or another. This just means I will be able to eat and do touristy things while there!

Somewhere along the way I posted my 500th entry on Diaryland. I mean, this is probably fifty or sixty posts back, maybe more. Maybe I should have commemorated it in some way, but the moment has officially passed.

(Oh, all right, I'll try to stop the fast-change approach to subject matter for the remainder of this post. But the whiplash comment was uncalled for, even if you WERE only thinking it.)

The next few days are probably going to be nestled into some crack in the sidewalk between Pandemonium and Insanity, with a few cautionary signs warning of the additional stress and loops in the plans. It's a sure bet that posting is going to be mighty slim here in the early part of next week. I will have THREE days to handle five days' worth of work; plus the trip out of town to get my nice fat website check and deposit it; and of course Wednesday I'll be collecting Nicim from the Phoenix airport and we'll be heading for sunny(?) California.

That means I have to strike a balance between all of the things I have to do this weekend, and the absolutely non-negotiable need to rest so I can get rid of this cold. I don't intend to pass it along to anybody while on the West Coast. I'm sucking down zinc lozenges like they're going out of style, along with echinacea (or however it's spelled) hot tea, soup, and all the normal accoutrements of the battle against the bug.

I've got to get a couple of projects finished up tomorrow at the studios and I'm feeling the fact that I stayed up a little late again tonight. But I'm sitting here listening to the wind - it's really been up there tonight, dropping a thick carpet of leaves onto the roads, driveways, and everything else. Harvest gold has become popular again in the decorating world - the designers would love my yard, which has the stuff EVERYWHERE. I really need to invest in a rake and just keep at it, because it gets pretty deep pretty fast. (Yes, I know that was a perfect opening for the peanut gallery, but you're not here to give me the comeback that you'd otherwise blurt out. So neener neener!)

Ack - this isn't about changing subjects - it's just time to turn in and call it a night. It's nearly 10:30 and I have to be up at 5 again in the morning. Sadly, my throat's sore now, which means the voice is probably going to be gone shortly, and the never-ending cough won't be far behind. Darn. I was hoping to avoid it this season. Oh well, better to get it like this and get over it than to come down later with some deadly strain of the bird flu. I'll refrain from posting all of the symptoms, but the most characteristic one is the compulsion to poo all over car windows.

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