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Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2005
Dollars and Senseless

This will probably be a short entry as I'm posting at lunchtime. I'll have to drive back to the office shortly. For the guys, there probably won't be any more purse/shoe/shopping/clothes references unless they're mentioned in passing.

Virtually the second I walked into work this morning I received an email with more work for the website I built last week, along with a directive to keep a running tally on the work I'm doing. All of this additional stuff falls under the heading of "support," which bills at $40 an hour. While I'll grant that's a little less than the going rate for website support, it also is considerably more than I make working in radio and I'm hoping it'll help me establish a good clientele base. After I am able to really establish myself I'll raise my rates to market value - once I find out for sure what it is. Last I heard it ranged from about $50 an hour up.

At this point I get nowhere near enough web work to keep me alive, though it's certainly enough to pad my income nicely. If the web building work keeps picking up I may end up doing that full time. At the rate I'm currently charging, I'd only have to average a little more than 13 hours a week of web work to equal my current wages, including my health insurance benefits. Raise my rates, I'd have to work even fewer hours, though I probably won't be quitting radio unless I'm consistently getting about 20 hours of web work a week.

I already have a couple of other builders in the wings, too, so in the event that I get inundated - which, while unlikely this early into the game, is possible - I'm probably going to set things up as a corporation and install the other two as either employees or officers or both. I know enough to understand that incorporating is the only way to go with regard to forming a business. I'm already looking into some alternatives to deal with personal finances, too. I've dealt before with a friend who helps draw up trusts. If I get enough web work to actually HAVE assets, I'm definitely going to want that extra layer of fiscal protection.

I have to admit, it was a strange feeling to go to California and not watch every penny. That's not to say I went on a huge spending spree. It just meant I didn't freak out that I wasn't going to have the money to get home if I ate out, didn't worry I couldn't buy a tire if I blew one along the road, etc. It's odd to realize that I can go into a department store other than Wally World and get something and not go without meals to do so.

Not that I couldn't stand to go without a few meals, but that's another story.

R - the guy for whom I built the website - made the comment in his email that he knew I needed the trip. Matter of fact, he's been making a lot of personal comments lately that sort of send up alarms. I'm being mighty careful there because while he hasn't ever said anything really wrong, I'm still leery. I know this guy and in terms of business, trust him implicitly. The second he crosses into personal territory, I'm outta there. Been there, done that, used the tee shirt for target practice.

The downside to getting the extra web work is that it'll delay my getting photos posted from San Diego. I still may get them up and working tonight but have to take care of the paid work first.

Ack... It's running late and I've got to get back to the studios.

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