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Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005
Yenta Boss and Other Christmas Oddities


Last night was the office Chrismas party for both radio stations in the building. We cavorted and some of us imbibed. (My imbibing was limited to Pepsi, which I don't even especially like, alas.) Some of us became engaged in a discussion of the Boston Pops, the Metropolitan Opera, and ABC News. Some of us got invited to lunch with the mayor and made some intriguing new friends.

Some of us got some rather odd (offers? propositions?) from the boss, who had done entirely too much imbibing.

No, Boss didn't proposition me, and what he did say was said with his wife standing next to him, shaking her head ruefully. (She's very good at rue-ism. I'm guessing she's had practice.) The atmosphere at this job is really odd, actually. Boss takes a somewhat cavalier attitude toward the studio income. He says - and apparently really believes - that he doesn't care if the station folds, he just wants me to be happy. Therefore he offered or propositioned or whatever was to find me a boyfriend here in town.

I smiled and promptly ignored that aspect of the conversation, since I'm pretty sure he won't remember a bit of it by today. Did I mention he was pretty thoroughly imbibed at the time?

All in all, the office party was a heck of a lot more fun than I expected. There was a ton of (excellent) food, there were way more people than really should have been crammed into so little space, and I met a very sweet elderly lady that invited me to the aforementioned lunch with the mayor - among other things. We also talked about classical music and about what constitutes talent and more.

I also discovered that one of the jocks at the other station used to work as a director for ABC News and worked for a while with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. He's involved with a project here that in turn involves the Metropolitan Opera. Not sure of the specifics there because there was a lot of conversation back-and-forth at the same time, involving several of us.

He's an elderly man, 70+ years if I remember, and this is more or less hobby for him now. He and I were discussing the fact that while it's (sort of) a living, country music isn't our favorite genre. He works at the AM country station and I spent years working for the FM country station at the opposite end of the county.

The discussion took some pretty odd turns. We also discussed facial hair on men, for example. Personally, I can't say I do or don't like a beard or moustache on a guy. On some men it looks distinguished. On some it looks sexy. On some it looks tacky. On some it looks skid row. It's impossible for me to make a broad judgment call.

At the moment I'm at work again, even though normally I take weekends off. We were supposed to do a remote today from the Bill of Rights Day festivities. Unfortunately my remote person only called in once and hasn't been answering her cell phone. I get paid either way, but it really isn't very professional not to have regular call-ins.

If nothing else, it's given me the time to get some other things done. I've made a couple of phone calls and have put together this post, and gotten out my sketch pad to work on logo artwork for one of the websites I'm building. Since we got a late start on the remote, I'm sure we'll probably run a little over in terms of how late this goes, too.

My backlog of photos is on the upswing... I really need to get the pictures uploaded and posted! I've got several from the trip to San Diego and more now from last night's party. Just no time to get anything done to them. I've got more modifications to do on the paid website I just finished. It's $40 an hour so I really can't complain if the owner wants more changes, but it's a little frustrating. He doesn't grasp that we can fiddle with it until the cows come home and different monitors will still display the colors differently. Flat screens show colors differently no matter what you do. There's even a little variation between CRT's (the old-fashioned fat monitors that eat all that desk space) and between different flat-screen monitors.

We looked at the site with four different monitors at his studios and on one the background was gray; on one it was the soft aged-parchment gold I was aiming for; on one it was BLUE!

So he's decided now he wants a blue parchment background. GAAAAHHH!!! Ugly ugly ugly. Oh well. It's his site and his money. The customer is always right so long as they pay me, though it's also my reputation on the line. I still need to link to my page, and to move my personal main page to another url. If I'm going to do web work professionally I'm going to convert my personal site over to business.

It's 2pm. Technically speaking I was supposed to be out of here now. Not sure how we'll fit in any more remotes, since we're now in a syndicated program with pre-established stop sets (commercial segments.) My remote person is going to have to coordinate her call-ins with the program breaks. Not a problem - we can do this!

However, I'm thinking that she may inadvertently have uncovered yet another instance of illegal activity by our local government when she said that the county donated $10,000. Donations by a tax-funded entity are a no-no in general. Though in this case, since all funds go to support the local senior center, "donation" may be a matter of semantics. The county can contribute to the operations of something in that vein, though not a true donation - it's got to be a budgeted expenditure unless there's an emergency. That's the law.

Not like a little detail like legality has ever stopped a politician.

I have more entries in the fake memory line and hope to add those here soon, but am not going to attempt them from work. I'm really exhausted today, for some reason. Not sure why. This is an ongoing thing and seems to be progressively worse.

No, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with sleeping five hours a night all week and only playing catch-up on weekends. Couldn't be that.

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