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Sunday, Dec. 18, 2005
Chili Today Hot Tamale

So far, so hot. No, not the weather: The oil from the ancha chilis are killing my hands. Thank God I got the mild ones!

Yep, that means it's tamale-making day. The meat's done and shredded and mixed with chili sauce, we've mooshed the pulp from the chilis and run it through a colander to eliminate stems, seeds and skin, and the corn husks are soaking to make them pliable enough to use for wraps. M drove back to her house to get her monster-sized crock pot and a couple of more big bowls, and the maza has been chili-fied and is warming enough to make it pliable.

I decided to come in here and update - only as soon as I sat down, my friend LR called for help setting up her DSL connection. I figured piece of cake, and told her so. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way, as she's working on an antique (Win98) computer and is getting an error message saying she doesn't have enough Mhz associated with her CPU.

Listen, Honey, I can do a lot of things with computers - but upping your CPU over the phone ain't one of them.

So she's going through the first available Pakistani to see if either she will be able to create a manual connection or some other kind of workaround. I know how to set up a LAN connection manually, but haven't used DSL before and don't know offhand how to set it up manually on an outdated system.

I gotta get this woman to at LEAST Windows 2000 somehow or other. Back when she was working and had money, she spent a fortune for antique furniture and a big-screen TV and a home theater system, and spent $250 on a Windows 95 computer. (The scary part is that this was only about two years ago.) She could've cut back on the furniture or other tech stufff to more reasonable amounts and gone for a Dell or even an eMachine and been better off, but nooooo....

Heck, I could build her a cheap box for a couple of hundred bucks, if need be. She could buy the whole setup on layaway at Wally World for $500 and come out ahead.

Which, come to think of it, I might end up doing in the near future. That would give us one Windows box and I could rebuild my existing machine as a Linux.

If anyone is reading here for the first time, you've probably already figured out that I write by the seat of my pants and line-of-thought, which means I tend to zigzag all the heck over the place. If you didn't know before, this entry probably convinced you!

I still have to send off a couple of more Christmas cards - only reason they're going out this late is that I only just got addresses. My son and his wife moved out of state and ended up emailing the information to me. Another friend I'd asked before for an address but didn't actually *get* it until now.

Ah well, guess it's time to get back to the grindstone. After we finish putting the tamales together I will still have to shampoo the carpet and get the machine turned in. I'm looking forward to that. This place has smelled musty ever since I got here.

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