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Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2005
The Yada Affair

I'm baaaaack...

Scared yet?

Meh, you're no fun.

You're right, I'm bored. I'm at the "W" word (work) and would much prefer to be home curled up in bed. Better yet, I'd like to be home curled up in bed with somebody, but that's a story for another day.

I can't regale you with adventures including wildly poisonous snakes, like hissandtell (though with her chosen pseudonym I was a bit surprised to hear that she had snake issues.) Or come to think of it, I suppose I could, though in my case it would have to be taken back a few years to the dark ages when I only had one child and was still married to his father.

We lived in Arizona at the time, but lived in the little town of Show Low, named by the turn of a card. It's a little higher elevation than where I currently live, perched at the top of the Mogollon Rim. It's an area that boasts several lakes, small and large, and we did a LOT of fishing in those days.

One day we elected to travel a bit further than normal to go fishing, as we'd heard that the trout and bass were biting at Concho Lake, near the dam. So we packed up ourselves and our son David, who was no more than two years old at the time, and we went to Concho lake, making our way along the steep slopes of the earthen dam.

If you've never seen an earthen dam up close and personal, let me fill you in. It's covered with rocks. Sometimes big rocks, though not quite to the size of boulders. We clambered over these loose white stones and finally found a small group that were large enough and flat enough to sit on, and we started tossing our lines into the water, hoping to catch our dinner.

We'd been there maybe half an hour when one of the lines snagged and my then-hubby walked down to the water's edge to try and free it. When he turned back around, he froze, then called back to me to get the baby and start walking back up the slope. Slowly. My mind was apparently disengaged at the moment because I didn't make the connection until he came literally running up the loose stones, slipping but not stopping.

It was only after we were in the car that I discovered our nice flat sitting rock formed a perfect shelf, beneath which was an entire nest of water moccasins. And from what the hubby said, they were growing active, apparently sensing the heat from our bodies. (It was still cool at that point in the year.)

As much as we traipsed around those days, it's amazing we didn't encounter more snakes than we did. We'd run across some rattlesnakes from time to time, and spied other water snakes more than once, but that was definitely my closest personal encounter with a cottonmouth.

However, once in Phoenix we were at my parents' house when my youngest son came running in, scared to death. He told us he'd seen a snake in the back yard.

We assumed he'd seen a garter snake, but let him show us where he'd seen the snake. There we discovered a snakeskin that once belonged to a rattler. We figured it was probably four foot long or thereabouts. It hadn't been there the day before.

So there you go: two snake stories for the price of one!

I just heard from the doctor's office and they rescheduled the mole removal until next month, darn it. Oh well. Good thing they don't suspect melanoma or one of the other, more fast-growing cancers. Sheesh.

Money-wise it's gonna hurt - I have four appointments in January now, so my expenses will all hit almost simultaneously. And I'm already going to have some added outlays, including a drive to Tucson on the weekend of the first, and that's just the beginning of higher costs... Not sure how I'll juggle it all, not with everything smacking me at once.

The only immediate solution I can see is to reschedule at least two of those appointments for the following month sometime and hope for the best.

Here's hoping we get more web work. Without it, things are going to be mighty tight around here.

Oh well - if nothing else, it'll force the elimation of fast food altogether, simply because we won't be able to afford it. God knows that is a GOOD thing!

Darn... It's time for me to wrap this up and get back to work on the other computers this morning. My traine's gone for the day and I need to add the new music and get tomorrow scheduled and transferred, yada yada yada.

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