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Monday, Dec. 26, 2005
Boxing Up My World

For my Canadian (or former Canadian) readers - if you're not too busy reveling - Happy Boxing Day!

This year, of course, is kind of an curious juxtaposition with our northern neighbors, since Christmas falls on a Sunday and most folks are taking today off work. I chose to go ahead and work today so I can get a head start on the week. I probably should've left the Christmas music running for the day, but decided to pull it.

Personally I don't mind hearing Christmas carols for a day or so after Christmas, but then I want 'em tucked neatly away for another eleven months or thereabouts. If you work in retail and hear 8 hours a day of nonstop Christmas music, you know what I mean. If you work in radio and are so sick of hearing "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" that you'd like to personally run over whoever recorded it, you understand even more clearly.

I love the holidays, don't get me wrong. For that matter, this year was probably the best Christmas of my life. While I did receive some very nice gifts, it's not the gifts that made this year special. For one thing, my dad was notably absent, which meant no one burst into tears and there was no shouting or sullen withdrawal, no unreasonable demands, no mean-spirited jibes or judgmental pronouncements. He went to spend Christmas with his wife/ex-wife/whatever-she-is-now with hopes of reconciling. More power to them, I guess.

Since we were at my sister's house, rather than my brother's, there was no ostentation to be rubbed in everyone's face. Sis and her man stand at ready to puncture any ego that gets out of hand, and I like it that way. Their home is a home, not a showplace. We cleaned it up, vacuumed, dusted, picked up the confetti from where the pets decided to help opening gifts - before anyone else was ready, granted, but isn't that what our four-legged friends do best?

There were phone calls to and from family and new family and future family; there was plenty of good food, but without the frantic preparation phase. Our Christmas dinner was self-assembled submarine sandwiches, seafood cocktail and leftovers from the Mexican food dinner at my house Saturday night, and I didn't hear a single complaint. In fact, I have a sneaky feeling it could become the new family tradition.

My friend Lisa called me this morning from Nova Scotia. I wish I hadn't been at work; I'd have dearly loved to have talked to her for longer. With both of us working full-time and a separation of some 6000 miles and 3 hours (4 hours part of the year,) we rarely get the opportunity to talk any more, something we both miss. We performed a very hasty catch-up. Unfortunately it was pretty much kept to headlines, with a promise that we'll find a point when we'll both have significantly more time to actually talk. If I thought we could communicate regularly I'd spring for the extra Canadian talk-time option for my cell service, but with the hours we're both working it doesn't seem likely.

Keep in mind that with this woman, she and I used to spend hours and hours on the phone, night after night. She's the one who pulled me from hermitdom about five years ago. She walked on that bed of eggshells, very careful at first. It didn't last; once she was too far in for me to kick her out, she proceded to stomp the living daylights out of those shells. Then she kicked, swept and hosed the things right out of my life. I have to credit her with my still being alive; she is the one who talked me through some of the lowest points in my life and convinced me that it really was worth hanging on.

Yeah - that's why the hours on the phone. She was saving my sorry butt. I returned the favor a few months later, adding to the phone bills.

Things are still a go for the weekend. Hopefully I'll be online sometime Sunday or Monday to bring things up to speed here and finally fill everyone in on what's happening - the whole story this time (or at least most of it.) We're invited to a New Year's party Saturday night, though. It'll be past midnight before that's over, too late to come home and update.

I think when I go home today at lunchtime I'm going to stay there. I have my work done and I'm exhausted and still have a whole heck of a lot to do at home and very little time to get it done. I need to haul some things out to my storage room, finish up some mending and change out my bedding. I also need to sort through a whole box of old papers, tossing what I don't need and filing the rest.

Matter of fact, the clock tells me it's lunchtime now, so I guess it's time to get to it. Going to stop at Wally World to pick up some boxes, to wrap up parts of my life and make room for new.

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In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )