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Tuesday, Jan. 03, 2006
Catch-Up and Mustard

Let's see if I can actually get an entry in today. The past few days haven't been 'frantic' in terms of being busy, but I've had other things to deal with than to post an entry here.

Now that we're sort of after the fact, I am a lot more comfortable posting more about Mr. Complicated. I still won't go into all of the details, for a lot of reasons - but I will say that I got sort of a package deal with him that includes a new four-legged family member of the canine variety. Toby is a small, older mixed breed who's just a sweetheart. He loves going for rides in the truck and loves going for walks outside, but by the time he's walked around the (very much shortened) block, he's beginning to limp, and has a hard time with the two stairs it takes to get into the house again.

Since Toby arrived with Mr. Complicated, we've alternated taking him with us and leaving him at home to take it easy. There are no worries about leaving Toby in the house, thank goodness - he is normally sleeping when we get home, but is awake shortly after, eyes bright and tail curled up and wagging in appreciation of our company! I suspect he's going to be spoiled rotten - yesterday we bought him a red bandanna collar. He now looks like either cowboy dog or biker dog - we haven't yet decided which.

I don't have any pictures yet - will do that as soon as I can, though.

Today's back to a full day at work, of course. After three weeks of training Mr. Ex-police-dude, things kind of fly by when I'm by myself. I've got a significant portion of my work done already and it's not even 9am! Not to mention the peaceful aspect... You know how some people's voices just grate on your nerves? Yup. That'd be him. And what's more, he thinks he's going to work for Westwood One in Phoenix. He might as a writer, but if they hire him for any kind of voice work, it's going to take some serious coaching, at best. Of course as with other things, it may not be how good you are, but who you know. Oh well.

It's kind of cool to be cooking and eating at home nowadays. Fortunately so far Mr. Complicated and I like most of the same foods. The only thing I like that he apparently doesn't is liver (yes, I do like it, though it's not something I'd want every day, and ONLY beef liver for me, thank you very much.) I gather he's not much of a seafood lover but said he can eat fish as long as it's not a regular thing. I can live with that, as I wouldn't want it every day, either.

I made a veggie tray last night, together with homemade potato soup with ham. Yummy stuff and reasonably healthy, though obviously not low-carb (at least not the soup.) The veggies are good for both of us, though, as are the daily doggy walks. And I've foregone the fast-food option with both of us there, which is a definite improvement over my previous diet. I am likely to lose weight when I'm cooking, as I actually do make healthy meals.

We walk the dog around the block probably two or three times a day on the average; since it's a smaller-than-average block where I live, that allows me to get exercise I wasn't getting before and yet splits it up into liveable chunks so it doesn't wreak havoc on my knee, which has been known to go out, sometimes swelling to the size of a watermelon. The low-impact stuff hurts a little but assuming that the problem with the knee is arthritis, the walking is probably the best thing for it. (And yes, I have had the knee checked, though frankly it was checked by a physician who blew off everything, including chest pains.)

Do I have moments of panic? Welllllll.... I can't say they've never hit, not any more. I had a moment when I had to fight to keep from hyperventilating yesterday, but it was very fleeting and overall I've been very calm with this situation from the word go. To be honest, the scary moment yesterday just touched on an old wound. If it weren't for that I doubt I'd even have blinked. It hit when I realized I had to know how to introduce him... Given my history, introducing someone as my boyfriend is pretty damned traumatic. Mr Complicated (gotta switch to initials; I'm too lazy to keep writing that out, especially now that I'm pretty sure he's going to be a permanent, or at least long-term, fixture in my life) knows that about my background and he kind of babied me through the moment. No, honestly he really babied me through the moment.

I guess going forward here, Mr. Complicated is going to be MC. Y'all will have to transition with me. And I'll have to remember, which may be the tougher part of the process!

To respond to Nicim: while you're right, I don't have a guest room, I DO have a sofa, which is my current sleeping arrangement. I have to be up for work at 5am and don't intend to put Mr. Complicated in where I couldn't help but wake him up. (My living room and kitchen are one very small room, so if I turn on the light to fix breakfast it'd be right in his eyes.) I also have a second room, my computer room, where I am planning to install a daybed in the relatively near future. (So nyah!) We both agreed that we want to do things the right way; we've been talking back and forth for months, granted, but it's one thing to talk and another altogether to live together. I've had two disastrous marriages and a handful of other really bad relationships. Nobody wants another catastrophic mess of that caliber.

MC has promised to write a guest entry here sooner or later, and I hope he'll start his own diary, too. I know how cathartic it is to get things out of your system, whether venting or employing creativity or just getting the opportunity to interact with other people. If you're literate (and he is) it's very much worth the effort to update on a fairly regular basis.

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